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If You Have Ghost


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An eerie, doom take on pre-existing songs.


80 / 100

Ghost B.C. (or simply Ghost for us Aussies) are certainly a presence. While the allure that comes from their spooky, malevolent attire provides a visually enticing cue, there is more than just cheap musical vanity here. A strange but effective combination of metal, dark rock and (dare we say) pop, makes Ghost an interesting case study.

Latest EP, ‘If You Have Ghost,’ produced by Dave Grohl, shows diversity and also versatility in the respective covers.

Opening cover, ‘If You Have Ghost‘ (Roky Erikson), is turned into something a little new wave and more mature sounding with orchestral elements.

ABBA‘s ‘I’m A Marionette‘ is given a much darker tone with the band’s guitar and keyboard work. With Grohl sitting in on drums, Papa Emeritus II effectively puts the eerie spin on things.

Crucified‘ breaks away from Papa’s normal falsetto vocals in parts, with a really deep and sinister edge to his almost growling vocals and with the theatrical instrumentals this track is a stand out.

Depeche Mode‘s ‘Waiting For The Night’ translates really well into Ghost form. It’s melancholic and dreary, an absolutely perfect song for the group to cover.

Ghost have a considered musical agenda. This is merely another representation, which highlights, whether loved or loathed, that this is a band, which commands attention.


Releasing an EP of mainly cover songs can be a risk for any band. There is a fine line between a successful cover and butchering a well known song. Some songs stand out more than others but overall Ghost manage to get the job done.


1. If You Have Ghosts
2. I’m A Marionette
3. Crucified
4. Waiting For The Night
5. Secular Haze (Live)

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