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Falling in Waves


Hindsight Records



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Easily accessible Aussie alternative rock.


77 / 100

The latest release from Perth’s Black Birds, ‘Falling in Waves’ is an enchantingly atmospheric and ambitious EP. Their ambition has paid off, as each track is both unique and infectious. Modulating between more indie-inspired tunes and big rock numbers (and just a hint of shoegaze), the band does a lot with just five tracks, giving listeners plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

Opener/title track ‘Falling in Waves’ sets the tone for the album beautifully, with gentle soundscapes, rolling drums, dreamlike melodic passages and eerie, echoing vocals. The band lays down the foundation for the EP here, forming the basis for what’s to come. While the rest of the EP makes extensive use of these core concepts, Black Birds inject enough variation to keep things interesting.

‘Minds’, ups the energy with a quickened pace and driving riffs and passages. This is where the band really cuts loose, showcasing a style of psychedelic garage rock. The shift in dynamic doesn’t last too long however, as they quickly settle back into a laid back groove once again.

While the formula is satisfying, some of the more climactic moments could be more fulfilling. At times when it feels like the music is building up to a big, dramatic moment it simply dies away. There are several moments throughout the EP that have the potential to be so much more grandiose but are left sounding unfinished or feeble.

For the most part though, ‘Falling in Waves’ is an easily enjoyable release. For the amount of interesting ideas and hooks all crammed into five tracks it’s certainly good value, and enough to keep listeners hooked.


Black Birds have done a marvellous job with this EP, creating a fresh and unique sound that draws you in and is very easy to lose yourself within. The combination of eerie, psychedelic soundscapes and grooving riffs are a winning formula, especially when coupled with the haunting vocals. This is one release that can appeal to anybody.


1. Falling in Waves
2. Minds
3. Maya
4. Come Back to Earth
5. Colours

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