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A look into the world of Pierce The Veil.


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Pierce The Veil’s ‘This Is A Wasteland’ comes packaged with a copy of the band’s latest studio album, ‘Collide With The Sky,’ and it’s only fitting, given that the DVD documents the band’s touring in support of the album.

Music DVDs are always an interesting proposition. It’s a window look into a world that is arguably foreign to most. Subsequently, it’s hard to strike the balance between being insightful and being alienating.

Followed by a film crew over the past year since the aforementioned record was released, the DVD sees Pierce The Veil travel all around the world, playing some pretty impressive shows along the way. The viewer receives an entertaining armchair ride.

This Is A Wasteland’ is more than a glimpse into the world of Pierce The Veil’s touring habits. It almost seems to invite you to be a part of it yourself, and to share in their experiences. When the band spend time flying nearly every day around South East Asia, you feel their fatigue. You experience the intensity of some of the enormous crowds the band play to each night. You share in the victory of their first Kerrang! Award, and you share their frustration when they have their set cut unexplainably short at Perth Soundwave.

Pierce The Veil’s impressive musical CV listings are self-present on ‘This Is A Wasteland’. Whether playing with friends in bands like letlive. or Sleeping With Sirens, or playing at some of the worlds biggest music festivals, the band shows exactly the type of work ethic that has seen them rise to the heights they have reached already. Hell, at one point, while in the UK, the band soldier through and play a series of shows when half of the band is injured.


‘This Is A Wasteland’ invites the fan into Pierce The Veil’s world. It allows you to feel as if you are a part of their experiences, as if you’re there alongside the band in their travels. If you already love Pierce The Veil, this DVD is likely to make you love them even more, as if building some form of connection between you and the group. If you’re not interested in them, then frankly, it’s still a really interesting look into what it means to be a part of a worldwide touring band.



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