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L'appel du vide





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A force to be reckoned with in the metal scene.


90 / 100

Rise of Avernus simply waste no time. There’s no hesitation or drawn out indecision. A debut EP in 2012 and now a debut studio album in 2013.

New offering, ‘L’appel du vide,’ builds on the potential the EP predecessor created. The album is articulate and with the title, which translates roughly into the urge to jump when close to a cliff, it is as powerful as it would suggest.

A Triptych Journey,’ begins with a war like drum beat along with a powerful orchestral component. Ben Vanvollenhoven‘s harsh, agonising growls and Catherine Guirguis‘ melodic female vocals create a juxtaposition that is really something mesmerising throughout the whole album.

The Mire‘ takes us on a different journey with its quickening tempo and the impending heaviness. With points where both vocalists sing at the same time, we are met with something angelic, and something dark and evil all mixed into one. It’s this neat duality that creates an atmosphere that is enjoyable and equally brutal.

The title track provides some contrast, which provides a nice transition for ‘Ethereal Blindness’, with the band edging to a more progressive style.

While we are met with a calming, soothing piano introduction, don’t be fooled by ‘An Somnium,’ which throws you abruptly into what one of the heavier songs of the album. The track has some clear black metal influences and is just an absolute assault of brutality. While, closer, ‘As Soleness Recedes,’ finishes off on the nice note.

Considering this is the band’s first debut album and the solid job they have done, it is no stretch to say Rise Of Avernus will work their way up the musical ladder fast.


‘L’appel du vide’ is a beautifully composed album and holds all the crucial elements for its genre. This full-length oozes confidence and skill even for such a new band, with everything perfectly placed.


1. A Triptych Journey
2. The Mire
3. Disenchanted
4. L’appel du vide
5. Ethereal Blindness
6. Embrace the Mayhem
7. An Somnium
8. As Soleness Recedes

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