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The Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute


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Tony Sly, frontman of No Use For A Name who sadly and unexpectedly passed away in August last year, has been remembered in amazing fashion by a host of musicians who clearly loved his work. This tribute record, which was put together by Fat Mike, gives all of its profits to the Tony Sly Memorial Fund, and offers up some reinterpretations of classic NUFAN tracks as well as a significant amount of Sly‘s solo work.

The record begins with a truly touching a cappella version of ‘Biggest Lie’, performed by Karina Denike, which manages to sum up the sad reason for its own existence, while showing off the brilliant and simple yet effective song-writing talents of Sly that transcend easily into genres other than punk-rock, something this record proves continuously throughout its playlist.

The Mad Caddies give a relaxed reggae version of ‘Am’ before Strung Out bring the first of the punk rock with a powerful and heart-wrenching version of ‘Soulmate’, a record stand-out. Rise Against and Swingin’ Utters offer up some beautiful acoustic renditions of ‘For Fiona’ and ‘Not Your Saviour’ respectively, giving these tracks a new light, once again letting the song-writing speak for itself.

One of the most re-invented of all the tracks is Alkaline Trio’s dirty version of ‘Straight From The Jacket’, which turns the song into a hazy, swaying anthem that could be sung in a drunken Irish pub while having darkened overtones laden throughout its heavy bass lines and distorted guitars. This is brought back home by Gaslight Anthem’s touching finger-picked version of ‘Capo 4th Fret’, and this is merely the half way point.

It is touching to see groups like Lagwagon, NOFX, Pennywise and plenty of others who were clearly affected by Sly coming out to offer takes on his tracks while still paying the ultimate respect to the songs. It makes for a bittersweet listen of amazing music performed by a group of friends in mourning.


This record is exactly how all musicians would want to be remembered, all of their friends coming together, playing their songs, beautifully, and summing up what was an amazing career and talent. Rest in peace Tony Sly.


1. "Biggest Lie" Karina Denike
2. "AM" Mad Caddies
3. "Soulmate" Strung Out
4. "For Fiona" Rise Against
5. "Let It Slide" Bad Religion
6. "The Shortest Pier" NOFX
7. "On the Outside" Snuff
8. "Homecoming" The Bouncing Souls
9. "Feel Good Song of the Year" Old Man Markley
10. "Discomfort Inn" Lagwagon
11. "Via Munich" Teenage Bottlerocket
12. "Keira" Frank Turner
13. "Pre-Medicated Murder" Get Dead
14. "Devonshire and Crown" Pennywise
15. "Straight from the Jacket" Alkaline Trio
16. "Capo 4th Fret" The Gaslight Anthem
17. "Already Won" Yellowcard
18. "Not Your Savior" Swingin’ Utters
19. "Fireball" The Flatliners
20. "Justified Black Eye" Simple Plan
21. "Frances Stewart" Useless ID
22. "On the Outside" Jon Snodgrass & the Dead Peasants
23. "Dark Corner" American Steel
24. "Flying South" Frenzal Rhomb
25. "Toaster in the Bathtub" Anti-Flag
26. "International You Day" Joey Cape with Scorpios

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