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A five track mash-up of multiple rock sub-genres.


90 / 100

"2 parts rock. 1 part groove. 1 part punk. Serve on ice. Drink. Smash the glass." – that’s the self-proclamation from a band attempting to make an imprint.

Since their formation back in 2007, Unbroken Expanse have been pushing their way up the musical ladder with their accessible punk and rock influenced music. Here the listener is presented with an intense, crashing, punk influenced five track work, which is bound to endear.

‘Cocktail of Violence’ is a fitting name for the banging and crashing madness of the guitars and drums that greet the ears. It’s an early benchmark, setting some high expectations for the rest of the album with oozing energy and aggression.

‘Survival’ is darker in tone. Reverting between a dark persona before throwing you into some more aggressive punk/rock there is a cycle of tones present. The result is an interesting listen and shows the band’s capabilities. 

‘All For You’ changes things up. While, ‘The Storm,’ which is a really fast paced in comparison. Another well-named track reflective of the intensity and intent. 

With only five songs Unbroken Expanse showcase a whole range of sounds and talents, and it actually really works together, there is something for everyone and that will ensure a positive response.


‘Unbroken Expanse,’ is a solid self-titled EP with five tracks showcasing different sounds and style all of which Unbroken Expanse nail. It’s a buffet of styles, which will appeal to the spectrum of heavy music listeners.


1. Cocktail of Violence
2. Survival
3. All for You
4. The Storm
5. When I’m

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  1. JaidenFK

    Really happy to see such a great review!
    The band is located in Tennant Creek, a small town in the NT, for what they are achieving right is amazing.

    The band is simply amazing live too, so much energy!

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