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Cognitive Dissonance


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An angsty and catchy collection of local rock.


75 / 100

Melbourne upstarts Glass Empire have progressively worked their way up in the local alternative music scene since their formation. Armed with catchy melodies and identifiable riffs, the band’s infancy has so far been marked by promise and potential. ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is a neat and important offering coming in unassumingly at the tail-end of 2013.

Opening with ‘Pariah,’ Glass Empire are an assertive breed albeit in a young and perhaps inexperienced form. The track simply packs a punch, bursting with life with every second listen (and every note). First introductions are lasting and the boys pick the right point to begin. You can hear the alternative elements oozing out between the predominant rock structure.

‘The Swarm’ is upbeat and precise. Towards the end of the song the listener is presented with some slow, strung out vocals and really light instrumentals before the band delivers an angst driven approach.

The EP sticks to what it knows. The band has honed their sound and spend the majority of the release exploring and strengthening the overall style. It’s about continuity and conviction rather than excessive experimentation. Each song has something small and special about it and that create a catchy atmosphere. However, it is worth noting, it is nothing that has not been done before. The title track closer brings something a little different to the album though.

Cognitive Dissonance‘ achieves its objective. Fun, engaging and energetic. Let’s see what the band does next.


‘Cognitive Dissonance,’ is a well-placed album. It is catchy and somewhat nostalgic of the early 2000 rock/pop punk scene. The songs are angsty and the varying guitar work sets apart the tracks from each other just enough that you don’t find yourself bored. However, this EP is nothing you probably havent heard already in terms of sound and style.


1. Pariah
2. The Swarm
3. Clarity
4. Sounds
5. Cognitive Dissonance  

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