Hell – Curse and Chapter



Curse and Chapter


Nuclear Blast



For Fans Of

Satan - Angel Witch


Killer traditional metal with some tounge-in-cheek themes


95 / 100

After disbanding in 1987, Hell gave us quite the surprise in 2011 when they reformed, with the addition of Andy Sneap on guitar and David Bower handling vocals. A return can often be welcome, but it can also be damaging if not done right. Fortunately, the former prevails, with Hell showing us the musical poise and power is still present.

Introductory track, ‘Gehennae Incendiis,’ sets up a suitable and creepy atmosphere for the album, with its slow, eerie tones and back noises met with a religious theme; before throwing you into ‘The Age Of Nefarious’, which straight away reassures Hell fans the band has not lost their British metal sound.

‘Darkhangel’ is worth an honourable mention with its heavy guitars mixed with some orchestral interludes that make for a heavenly seven minutes on your ears. Bower‘s vocals also fit just perfectly with the song, from some raspier sounds to some more high pitched vocals it is the cherry on top.

‘Land of the Living Dead,’ another stand out track on the full-length, is packed with some killer riffs and has a fun b-movie style theme. A head banging, zombie fighting anthem.

‘A Vespertine Legacy’ is a fitting closer. With well crafted and amazingly executed guitar work and overall sounds Hell have created something that will not be forgotten. ‘Curse and Chapter‘ is full of meticulous and complex riffs and lasting composition that works a treat.


‘Curse and Chapter’ is a stand out album and exactly what the metal scene needs. Hell really stick to their roots yet still manage to bring something that doesnt merely sound like an old album done over. The record is well crafted and embodies what a lot of the modern metal scene has lost. 


1. Gehennae Incendiis
2. The Age of Nefarious
3. The Disposer Supreme
4. Darkhangel
5. Harbinger of Death
6. End ov Days
7. Deathsquad
8. Something Wicked This Way Comes
9. Faith Will Fall
10. Land of the Living Dead
11. Deliver Us from Evil
12. A Vespertine Legacy

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