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Milestones go out with a impressive bang with 'I'd Rather Be Honest.'


90 / 100

Australian punk and hardcore has never been better; if you need proof, look no further than Brisbane’s Milestones. Striking the perfect balance between accessible melodic punk and grungy, hard hitting hardcore, Milestones leave nothing lacking in their new release ‘I’d Rather Be Honest.’ Each track, bar none, sees the local Brisbane lads bringing their A game, along with an unwavering level of passion and talent.

The record begins as many a melodic hardcore album tends to, with ‘Introspection,’ an instrumental to set the atmosphere for the coming songs. Milestones take this opportunity to paint their impressive instrumentation onto a clean palate, before leading into ‘November 4th.’ This track quickly establishes the defining merit of Milestones – that they are fearless. Hardly unfamiliar with difficult subject matter, the band isn’t opposed to diving head first into dark and oftentimes confronting themes of gripping depression and hopelessness.

The vocals in ‘I’d Rather Be Honest’ are strongest when they are delivered in the gritty edginess and raspy screams that dominates most of the tracks, however at the end of ‘Reticence,’ which features members of Toy Boats and Luca Brasi, this strength is lost in the soft, clean vocals, which are weaker than the less palatable vocals. Nevertheless they are employed once again on ‘In Retrospect’ and this time acquires a more forgiving warble to the edge of the tone that is strangely appealing.

As one of the less aggressive tracks on the record, ‘Blue Valentine’ possesses a melancholy and delicate nostalgia that picks up from where ‘Introspection’ left off with its soft guitar melodies. Without sounding especially heavy, this track still remains as powerful as the fast, grinding punk anthems ‘The Weight Of Words’ and ‘Waster.’ Finally, ‘Baggage’ concludes the album, and the career of Milestones, with a retrospective and critical track that overwhelms the listener with its passion and flawlessness.


Following ‘I’d Rather Be Honest’ Milestones announced that they were parting from the punk and hardcore community and going their seperate ways. It has to be said though, that we need bands like Milstones, whose devotion to making honest, passionate music is admirable. ‘I’d Rather Be Honest’ gathers up all the pieces Milestones have shed over their career and frames it as an almost flawless record. Milestones will surely be missed. 


1. Introspection 
2. November 4th 
3. I’d Rather Be Honest 
4. Waster 
5. Reticence
6. Blue Valentine 
7. The Weight of Words 
8. In Retrospect 
9. Brisbane, I’ve Grown Tired of You 
10. Baggage 

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