Face All Fears – The Breaking Point


The Breaking Point


Autumn + Colour




For Fans Of

Emmure - The Acacia Strain


Consistent and self-assured music that rides the line between hardcore and metal.


75 / 100

The intro to Atlanta-based Face All Fears’ debut album, ‘The Breaking Point’ is telling and reflective. It fits the sound and thematic content of the album perfectly– a pessimist’s (or perhaps a realist’s) revolt.

As a general statement, the album presents a consistent and self-assured sound. The band rides the line between metal and hardcore, but it is in the repetitive nature of the song construction where interest wanes.

Things do get more interesting later on in however, with tracks like ‘Exposure’. The song is surely one of the standouts beginning with a high to mid-range guitar riff followed by a solid drum fill. The track at one point features repeated refrains of “I can’t speak” followed by frontman, Anthony Nardone, screaming “anymore”. It’s emotive and engaging.

Underhanded’ provides a short break from the constant intensity of the album. While title track, ‘The Breaking Point’, takes back the pace a little and explores a more dominantly hardcore sound. ‘Believers’ ends on the right note.

The boxes are largely ticked within ‘The Breaking Point‘. The style is competent and the music precise. Face All Fears will reach their intended audience. The question is not to do with intent, but rather progression. The band’s blueprint is clear, but like most groups in this genre, if development and a point of difference is not offered then the music suffers in direct comparison.


‘The Breaking Point’ shows confidence and great technical proficiency, but falls a bit short in terms of variance. That being said, the album picks up as things move along and is definitely worth a listen.


1. Intro
2. Tried and True
3. All for Nothing
4. The Fault Line
5. Rat Race
6. Exposure
7. Underhanded
8. The Breaking Point
9. Lessons
10. Believers

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