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An emotional and capturing work.


90 / 100

Five piece Melbourne metalcore upstarts Hideaway are gradually making waves in the local scene. They are at that blissful period in a bands infancy where ambition and desire drive the musical ship. Since their last release ‘Inception’ they have signed to Adversary Agency and now with a rising fan base and the release of their new EP ‘Halcyon’ it’s by no fluke the group has scored supporting spots on Australian tours of bands such as Northlane and I Killed The Prom Queen.

Beginning with ‘Lost’, which has a slow and mesmerising start before throwing you into some heavier guitar and vocal work, the EP is decisive early. It’s aggressive but also soothing, a really effective combination to entice the listener.

‘Shallow Paths’ follows a similar pattern with some intense and aggressive bits to the song as well as some slower guitar work and vocals that are full of pleading and emotion. Hideaway offer a simple yet deliberate mix.

Halcyon‘ is melodic throughout and holds strong with real thought and consideration. ‘Dreamscape’ talks about hopes and dreams and sends out some good vibes and positivity. The deep vocals at the beginning of the song add intensity, while the slower parts just pull you in further.

Closer, ‘Tarot’ is much like the others. The songs are quite similar in style but with only five songs on the EP Hideaway manage to show their ranging vocal and instrument skills, and take you on a roller coaster of high and low points with the raw emotion that just drips from every song.


‘Halcyon’ is a solid EP with some intense and emotional moments mixed in with some slow soothing points. Hideaway have managed to make something enjoyable working within the short confines of an EP. This sets a platform and ideal starting point for any future offerings.


1. Lost
2. Shallow Paths
3. ‘Til The End
4. Dreamscape
5. Tarot

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