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Talking Dreams


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It is so rare to find an album that juts gets better with each consecutive listen.


100 / 100

Echosmith , a small family (they’re all brothers and sister) indie-pop band from L.A, California, have been making waves with their debut release, ‘Talking Dreams’. And after the first listen, you’ll probably see why.

From the infectious and chilled out, ‘Cool Kids’ to the alternative rock, summer- anthem of the title track, ‘Talking Dreams’ holds your attention with a clenched fist and won’t let go. Each song feels like it has its own space on the record. No two are the same or all that similar, yet as a collection they all make perfect sense together. It’s an album that some bands with a ten year career could never hope to pull out.

Echosmith utilises tasteful amounts of synth throughout the record to really boost and fill the tracks up and just like any indie album, the bass guitar is more than just filler, it’s a leader. Noah Sierota’s bass pulls the songs along and suits them perfectly. 

Jamie Sierota‘s guitar work is also fantastic. Whether busting out riffs for songs like the title track or strumming acoustically on ‘Bright’ and ‘March into the Sun’, it couldn’t work with the songs any better.

The percussion in itself is great. It boosts the other instruments up, never seeming to be at fault. Song’s like ‘Nothing Wrong’ wouldn’t be the same without such a powerful percussion section.

At sixteen years of age, Sydney Sierota has a voice that puts Hayley Williams’ to shame. A strong statement but true. She hits highs and lows like she does it in her sleep and it makes every track that much sweeter. When she harmonises with older brother Jamie it becomes something of indescribable beauty.

Further endorsements aside, ‘Talking Dreams‘ is characterised as simply honest and captivating. 


Buy it. That’s pretty much the best summary for ‘Talking Dreams’. It’s an indie-pop giant from beginning to end. The band’s combination of indie and alternative rock with just the right amount of synth makes for a great listen. Containing some of the most beautiful vocal harmonies of 2013 and some the cheeriest and upbeat tunes you’ll likely discover, the album is more than worth a listen; it’s worth your time and money too.


1. Come Together

2. Let’s Love

3. Cool Kids

4. March Into The Sun

5. Come With Me

6. Bright

7. Talking Dreams

8. Tell Her You Love Her

9. Ran Off Into The Night

10. Nothing’s Wrong 

2 Responses to “Echosmith – Talking Dreams”

  1. Raindogs

    This album got rated 100?
    I thought it was good but you can sort of hear the immaturity in the song writing which isn’t a surprise when they are all really young.
    Definitely a solid release though, I would have given it a 70.

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