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New Bloom


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An incredibly impressive debut LP from one of the country's most exciting acts.


70 / 100

Birthed in Sydney back in 2009, Endless Heights first left their mark as a straightforward hardcore outfit with debut EP ‘Prologue’. Since then, and with another EP and 7” release along the way, the band has increasingly strayed from their initial style, delving into far more melodic territory. With long-anticipated debut album ‘New Bloom’, the quintet have matured into a formidable, emotive punk powerhouse, delivering an album that’s wholeheartedly individual while standing proudly amongst its contemporaries.

One of the most immediately noticeable aspects of ‘New Bloom’ is a more pronounced shift in sound than ever before. An almost complete absence of the band’s pummeling hardcore roots has been replaced with a highly textural and far more eclectic, melodic palette, driven forward by an impressively strong rhythm section.

Striking a balance between creating vivid soundscapes and building momentum, Endless Heights are by far at their most creatively free on ‘New Bloom’. By refusing to constrain themselves to any kind of rigid genre limitations, the album’s range is one of its biggest drawcards. The dour melancholia of ‘Valhalla’, the post-rock leanings of ‘Coral Castle’, the positive energy of ‘Matador’ – these contrast not to divide one another but rather conflate in a way that lets the album breathe as a nuanced, organic piece.

In terms of sheer musicality, Endless Heights have stepped it up considerably on ‘New Bloom’. Guitars are dynamic and full of personal flair while frontman Joel Martorana proves himself capable of a far wider vocal scope than earlier material would suggest. Recorded with Clayton Segelov in their hometown before being shipped off for mixing and mastering by Will Yip (Daylight, Title Fight et al,) the album sounds polished and professional without losing any impact.


Impassioned and sincere in all respects, ‘New Bloom’ is the sort of album crafted only with an immense amount of time, effort and reflection. Taking in all that they’ve experienced over the last half a decade as a band and using these experiences as a means for growth – both personally and as a band – Endless Heights gladly avoid posturing and instead demonstrate themselves as one of the most honest acts in the country.


1. The New Bloom 
2. Honest Life
3. Valhalla
4. Sanctum
5. Coral Castle
6. Matador
7. Mosaic
8. House Of Cards
9. Son Of Thunder
10. Love Will Keep Me Whole

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