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Spring with distortion.


85 / 100

Think of Title Fight’s new EP ‘Spring Songs’ as a mini extension of their 2012 release ‘Floral Green,’ rather than a collection of bright and happy ditties as the name might suggest. These songs feature the grunge punk hybrid the band is known for and were even produced and recorded by Will Yip, the man responsible for the group’s last full length, meaning that the tracks could literally be thrown into the ‘Floral Green‘ playlist without anyone being the wiser.

The EP begins with the explosive ‘Blush’, which really tells us that Title Fight experience a different Spring to everyone else. The song is thrashy, broken up by down the line palm muted sections that offer small relief before the distorted chaos and screams bash back in.

Be A Toy’ is interestingly enough, a little more "Springy". It is less energetic than its predecessor, laid back and hazy, with plenty of fuzz distortion and little bright lead riffs which present some sort of Sonic Youth, early-Smashing Pumpkins composite that really brings out the group’s grunge tenancies. The vocals are just as lax, mumbling along but still presenting a slight form of melody all leading to a the noisy end.

‘Receiving Line’ simmers down even further, it keeps a similar relaxed pace to the track before but dials back the gain significantly, allowing the wavy guitar lines to intertwine and drive the song gently backed by rumbling drums.

Things end as they began, with an energetic thrash rock affair on ‘Hypnotize’. Nowhere near as chaotic as the other bookend but with a bouncy vibe that toggles between wall of sound chorus lines and clearer, relaxed verses. Vocally this track is far less intense than the opener as the lyrics focus on longing and the need for to know more about life and relationships, a theme present amongst all tracks on the EP.


It’s easy to see why Title Fight would want to get these songs out. They are all great additions to their catalogue, which sit extremely well together. This possibly has greater effect on the listener due to this being a short format as opposed to having them get lost in the haze of an album.


1. Blush
2. Be A Toy
3. Receiving Line
4. Hypnotize

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