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While the production value is solid, Silent Rose‘s ‘Eradicate-Reinstate’ ultimately fails to be memorable. The industrial/metalcore hybrid is getting a little done to death and while some bands still manage to utilise electronic elements in a unique and interesting way, Silent Rose just isn’t quite one of them.

During the course of the album there are times when the band manages to do something pretty interesting. They might strike on a really aggressive vibe, sometimes even hinting at an old-school nu-metal flavour, and in these moments Silent Rose shines. The potential to stand out and create some genuinely awesome tunes is there, but not quite realised. Unfortunately the whole package tends to fall flat more often than not.

Harsh vocalist (and guitarist) Ben Logan carries the band, taking control of heavier sections with his monstrous gutturals, which are probably the best aspect of the record.

In contrast, clean vocalist Michael McLachlan is more responsible for the other end of the spectrum. His voice is one of the less interesting elements here, in stark contrast to Logan‘s attention-grabbing roars. In comparison he just sounds really dull.

Musically, there isn’t much to be found here that can’t be heard on any other metalcore album. While performed competently enough, you probably won’t feel any urgent need to re-listen to ‘Eradicate-Reinstate’ unless you’re a big fan of the genre.

It’s worth a listen, but the impact and reception will vary from listener to listener.


Silent Rose have the potential to do something unique and interesting with their sound, but they don’t. Instead, they sound just like most other bands in their genre: average. They earn points for their fierce guttural vocals, and lose points for their bland clean vocals and riffs. Listen only if you’re a big fan of the style.


1. When Three Become One
2. Mouthful of Sand
3. Cycle of Madness
4. Diggity Dong
5. Would You Like Death with That?
6. Newspeak
7. Step Right Up
8. Left to Kill
9. Big Green Men
10. Book of Lies
11. Save the World, Kill a Banksta
12. Launch the Monkey
13. Bare the Water

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