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Two Of A Crime


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Say Anything - She & Him


Bemis family love on tape.


75 / 100

As Say Anything fans are probably well aware, Max Bemis really loves his wife, Eisley’s Sherri DuPree-Bemis. Perma is the band that they have started together, and if you thought there were enough love references about their marriage in Say Anything songs, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Luckily however, we are talking about the brilliance that is Max Bemis so even the corny and lame is still somehow cool. Interestingly enough the only thing recognisable about Perma is the vocals. Musically it strays from both of the artists main houses. The two have voices that work well together, the last few SA records have shown that, but with Perma this is explored further and used with greater strength.

This is a record full of love songs. However, we are talking about the insecure and depressed Bemis here so even his love has to be a little askew right? This is what leads to the darker patches of Perma, the moments like ‘Let’s Start A Band’, when Bemis talks about feeling less than worthy of the girl he adores.

Musically, the influences of Say Anything are there, but is more like a Family Guy flashback that has been turned into an entire episode. For example, the electronic programming of ‘Little Light’ is reminiscent of the breakdown in SA‘s ‘No Soul’, and the acoustic based tracks can be likened to similar songs in the SA catalogue. But, for the most part, the tracks a bright and twinkly, with enough catchy pop hooks sprinkled throughout for good measure.

The quieter feel of the record is interrupted for the hazy punk rock of ‘You’re Welcome’, the track most similar to the work of Eisley, which sticks out in the dead centre amongst the electronic, folk sounds of the album. Essentially ‘Two Of A Crime’ seems more like a little Valentine’s Day present to each other that the Bemis clan are allowing others to listen in on.


Sometimes you will get tired of hearing about how much these two are into each other, and it’s awkward that they made a whole album about it, but any music Bemis makes is generally worth hearing and Perma is no exception.


1. Two Of A Crime
2. Little Light
3. Wishbone
4. Let’s Start A Band
5. Remedy
6. You’re Welcome
7. She Chose You
8. The Bat And The Cave
9. No, Dear
10. Torch Song
11. Tangled Up

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