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Everyone's Out To Get Me


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The makings of a break out.


87 / 100

Reforming their original line-up, most notably the return of lead vocalist Nick Matthews, seems to have been a good move for Utah rockers Get Scared judging by the sounds on their second full length, ‘Everyone’s Out To Get Me.’ The album is energetic and features far more unique song structures and production than the band have ever featured on their past releases.

Opening track and first single ‘Told Ya So’ is an immediate stand out thanks to its huge opening riff that is almost reminiscent of late nineties nu-metal, which quickly changes into fast paced post-hardcore similar to early My Chemical Romance. Interestingly enough the second track, ‘For You’, sounds familiar to MCR’s ‘Black Parade’ period thanks to the up tempo 80’s rock sounding riffs and soaring chorus lines, it also doesn’t help that Matthews‘ voice sounds very similar to that of Gerard Way.

Lyrically, plenty of dark metaphors are used to explain the ups and downs of relationships throughout the record, especially the unpleasant feelings of ‘My Nightmare’, which features a bitter chorus line of "Every time I fall asleep I thank God you’re not here."

The main element that sets this record apart from the group’s older material is definitely the guitar work. It manages to shine even in moments when it’s not overly present. The understated riffs of ‘Get Out While You Can’ are good examples of this along with the intertwined electronica moments of ‘Badly Broken’.

‘Us In Motion’ is another highlight and possibly one of the softest moments of the record. The delayed guitar riffs and rolling drums work perfectly in tandem with the catchy vocal melodies and power ballad style chorus line. The record closes with the piano laden ‘Stumbling In Your Footsteps’, a sad ballad with a powerful ending, and ‘When We Were Strong’, an attacking rock song with stabbing verses lines and a slowed down but huge chorus line, a great note to end this kind of record with.


‘Everyone’s Out To Get Me’ has been pegged to bring Get Scared some attention from a much wider audience, and it is good enough to do just that. This is well written, modern rock with enough little surprises to keep things interesting from beginning to end.


1. Told Ya So
2. For You
3. My Nightmare
4. Badly Broken
5. At My Worst
6. Get Out While You Can
7. God Damn
8. Us In Motion
9. Cunning, Not Convincing
10. The Strangest Stranger
11. Stumbling In Your Footsteps
12. When We Were Strong

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