A Lot Like Birds – No Place


No Place


Equal Vision / UNFD




For Fans Of

Dance Gavin Dance - Circa Survive


More polished and diverse than ever before.


80 / 100

‘No Place’ is a tightly refined and polished release, with A Lot Like Birds pushing the boundaries of their music further than ever before. This time around their sound is notably darker and more sophisticated, and the end result is more powerful than anything they’ve done until now.

The album explores the theme of "home"; specifically, the emotions that different rooms in a house can convey. Or at least that’s how vocalist Cory Lockwood (ex-Dance Gavin Dance) explains it. In any case, it’s a catalyst for the band to branch out and try some more obscure and daring ideas than what they’ve done before, and it works. ‘No Place’ builds on the musicality and style established on the band’s first full-length, ‘Conversation Piece’. Retaining their diverse and distinct sound, A Lot Like Birds have made some excellent progression as a band.

Expertly switching from aggressive, heavier sections to softer, moodier moments and back, there’s no shortage of diversity here. Every transition is smooth and well-executed, every shift in dynamic or mood feels meaningful. If ‘No Place’ is one thing it’s certainly ambitious, pushing the band to their limits. Whenever things start to get too frantic the whole atmosphere changes and suddenly you’re thrown into echo-y, synth-laden territory. Before long things shift again, and you’re plunged into a flamenco vibe complete with trumpets and all the bells and whistles. Overall, it’s fresh and exciting and it keeps you on your toes.

A Lot Like Birds have never sounded so good. With this record they’ve established themselves as a band to look out for, and refined their sound to a fine point. New and old fans alike will find more than enough to enjoy here for a long time to come.


An expertly crafted release that builds upon everything the band has done previously in the best way possible, ‘No Place’ is an album that deserves to be heard over and over. With each listen there’s always more to discover, with an impressive amount of variety and quality musicianship that will surely appeal to music fans of all kinds.


1. In Trances
2. No Nature
3. No Nurture
4. Next to Ungodliness
5. Connector
6. Myth of Lasting Sympathy
7. Hand Over Mouth Over and Over
8. Kuroi Ledge
9. Recluse
10. Shaking of the Frame

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