The Swellers – The Light Under Closed Doors



The Light Under Closed Doors


No Sleep Records




For Fans Of

New Found Glory - 90's pop punk tunes


A thoroughly enjoyable record for car rides and nostalgia trips.


65 / 100

In a time when everything is taken so seriously, pop punk lads, The Swellers, are lightening things up with their most recent release The Light Under Closed Doors.

The band draws on a whole lot of 90’s pop punk influences, so that even if you aren’t old enough to have appreciated New Found Glory or Weezer in the decade they shone in, you’re going to feel a little nostalgic for that era nonetheless. While, there’s nothing groundbreaking here, it’s still a safe and solid punk record, suitable for sing-a-longs and car drives.

The album is launched by ‘Should,’ shortly followed up by ‘Big Hearts.’ Tracks such as ‘Great Lake States’ and ‘Becoming Self Aware’ pick up the pace, mid-way through the album, with the percussion increasing the speed of its rhythm and the vocalist’s pop punk style notes taking on a more gruff, punk edge. There’s nothing that’s colouring outside the lines in these tracks, however it’s hard not to love the easy-going feel to the song writing and the chummy sincerity in the delivery.

High Low’ is certainly a highlight for the record, and indeed a highlight for the band, who claim it to be their favourite. Beginning slow at first, the track builds to a crescendo of melodic guitar progressions, punchy percussion, which accompany the Nick Diener as he speculates about the future and the highs and lows of life. It’s packed with driving riffs, catchy choruses and lyrics that are relatable to most middle-class teenagers and young adults.

Essentially, The Light Under Closed Doors is a collection of 90’s reminiscent pop punk anthems, with tracks like ‘Favorite Tune’ and ‘Call It A Night’ serving up a large serving of nostalgia.


The tracks on ‘The Light Under Closed Doors’ are incredibly catchy and easily lovable, but it’s unlikely that any one song is going to stand out to any significant degree. Each song is relatively predictable. Nevertheless, this is good honest pop punk at its most polished, and as such, the way that the songs seem to blend together does nothing to distract from the enjoyment of the album. 


1. Should
2. Big Hearts
3. Got Social
4. High/Low
5. Great Lakes State
6. Becoming Self-Aware
7. Friends Again (We Can’t Be)
8. Designated Driver
9. Favorite Tune
10. Call It A Night

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