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Perfect War Forever


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A solid second release however safe.


70 / 100

Glass Cloud, in the infancy ofPerfect War Forever‘ pull you through the track as if they were a cohort of captors dragging you to their leader and, eventually, your inescapable demise. The sound for the EP is set in the beginning and thus the well-tied together, but not quite distinctive, succession of songs continues throughout.

I Dug A Grave’ is an unforgiving proclamation of futility and it maintains the provoking nature of the previous song. It is also returns to eerie sounds for the end, with the single staccato clang of a bell and an array of ambient noise.

Thematic similarities and sound ties make sure the tracks, on top of their individual virtues, contribute to the EP as a whole. ‘How To Survive Suicide’, a song which features some clean vocals yet remains just as aggressive, does this also with a return to a clanging bell right at the end.

A snare drum roll introduces ‘Soul Is Dead’, which hosts some fascinating guitar work from nine-string guitarist, Josh Travis. It emerges just before halfway with high-ranged guitar notes sliding erratically over the constant beating of aggressive self-hate that envelops the song.

Lilac’ has a hard-hitting start, and rhythm and lead guitar parts that counter but complement each other. There are haunting clean vocals that emerge in bridge like section, which provides a break from the high, fleeting squeals of guitar in the song. With one final scream of “nobody gets out alive”, that thematically sums up the EP, the song and ‘Perfect War Forever‘ comes to an abrupt end.

It’s around the mark. Confident, decisive albeit a little safe.


‘Perfect War Forever’ provides nothing that hasn’t been done before. Despite this, the EP presents itself very well. It is a strong follow-up to Glass Cloud’s debut album that is sure to see the band move further with their music.


1. Trapped Like Rats
2. I Dug A Grave
3. How To Survive Suicide
4. Soul Is Dead
5. Lilac

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