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Serpents Unleashed


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Skillful and classic Skeletonwitch thrash


90 / 100

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Skeletonwitch and new album ‘Serpents Unleashed’ is no doubt filled with their signature sounds once more.

Opener and title track, ‘Serpents Unleashed’ is a fast paced and brutal offering, which sets the tone well for the rest of the album. The track is laced with considered grooves from the bass while the consistency of the drums just goes to show how vital each member of Skeletonwitch is to the collective.

Full of pounding, raw aggression it smoothly moves into, ‘Beneath Dead Leaves,’ which is again sprinkled with groove. The song is filled with hearty guitar riffs and ends with an effective guitar solo, the band’s obvious proficiency. 

The album is consistent and has obvious continuity due to it catchy and flowing thrash approach. Songs such as ‘From A Cloudless Sky’ show some black metal influences peaking through, while tracks such as ‘Unending, Everliving’ stand out with its slower paced introduction and rhythmic guitar work before throwing itself into the classic, grotesque vocals Skeletonwitch are so known for.

Towards the end of the full-length there is some variety with slower tempos and melody explored, such as with ‘This Evil Embrace’. The skilled and catchy sounds of the guitar work met with the sheer brutality of the vocals really create something interesting and addictive, something more than just your classic spoon fed thrash.

‘Serpents Unleashed’ sticks the band stick to their roots with some great heavy and classic thrash metal sounds. While some might complain about their consistency with style, others will complain if Skeletonwitch made a drastic change. Looking at this album alone, for what it is, it is a beautifully produced and talented record.


Serpents Unleashedis signature Skeletonwitch material. It’s fast, brutal and engaging. Equally, it also manages to showcase the skillset of every member of the band with every instrument playing a vital role in the album. The album is similar to the band’s previous works but with its fusion of thrash, black metal and even some groove in there, Skeletonwitch create something purely addictive. 


1. Serpents Unleashed
2. Beneath Dead Leaves
3. I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)
4. From a Cloudless Sky
5. Burned From Bone
6. Unending, Everliving
7. Blade On The Flesh, Blood On My Hands
8. This Evil Embrace
9. Unwept
10. Born of the Light That Does Not Shine
11. More Cruel Than Weak

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