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Dark, melodic alternative rock.


85 / 100

In the lead-up to the release of Burials, there has been one thing the members of AFI have been saying repeatedly – That ‘Burials‘ is a dark record, which came out of a very dark place. From the moment the record starts with ‘The Sinking Night,’ a two-minute track that seems to serve as an intro for the album, then leading into lead single ‘I Hope You Suffer,’ it becomes clear the band’s assertions were precise. ‘Burials‘ is simply an incredibly dark record.

The two previously mentioned tracks set the tone for the rest of the record, which is full of moody soundscapes, which the band still manages to take in different directions. On songs like ‘I Hope You Suffer‘ and ‘A Deep Slow Panic‘ it is built around the intense hooks of the chorus. Conversely, moments like ‘17 Crimes‘ and ‘Rewind‘ find themselves thriving off a much more upbeat tempo than some of the other tracks, whereas ‘Heart Stops‘ sounds like AFI with a very strong nod to 80s new wave music. These are of course, just a few examples, and they don’t come close to covering all of the directions that the band have taken with this record.

Of particular note on ‘Burials‘ is the vocal performance of frontman Davey Havok. A lot of fans consider Havok to be one of the best in the genre and he just goes to show why people would think that on this album. Showcasing fantastic control over his vocals and a great range, Havok continues to challenge himself as a vocalist, giving what are arguably some of the best vocal deliveries of his career on ‘Burials,’ which really hope to push the album to the next level.

AFI finish the record big with ‘The Face Beneath The Waves,’ which is one of the standout tracks of the record. Dark and heavily atmospheric, the song is a fitting closer to the record, seemingly tying everything together perfectly and representing well everything that preceded it, leaving a very strong impression of what is a very strong record.


‘Burials’ is definitely one of AFI’s stronger releases. It is a collection of honest songs that let you into the darker parts of the life of Havok during the period of songwriting. After a a period of relative silence, AFI have returned with a record that is bound to be loved by longtime fans and newcomers alike.


  1. The SInking Night
  2. I Hope You Suffer
  3. A Deep Slow Panic
  4. No Ressurection
  5. 17 Crimes
  6. The Conductor
  7. Heart Stops
  8. Rewind
  9. The Embrace
  10. Wild
  11. Greater Than 84
  12. Anxious
  13. The Face Beneath The Waves

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