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85 / 100

Instrumental music isn’t for everyone but for those who don’t need a vocalist to keep them invested in a song, Pelican‘s ‘Forever Becoming’ is a real treat. Pelican have been around for over a decade now and with this album they show no signs of slowing down. With dark, beautiful melodies and powerful musicality, fans are sure to be impressed by this one.

Pelican show off their masterful control of tension and dynamics right from the get go with their first track, ‘Terminal’. A bit shorter than their usual songs at 3:28, it’s a nice intro to the album. From here on, each and every track is a superb example of the band’s songwriting ability, showcasing excellent ideas and tight, well-rehearsed performance at every turn. Their brand of dark, gritty, heavily-distorted guitar work provides a fantastic foundation for their style of post-rock.

Listeners who don’t usually delve into instrumental music may have a tough time staying invested, and that’s understandable. If there is one negative point towards the genre it would be that it’s an acquired taste. It would be easy to brush off some of the more drawn-out passages as "boring", but those who appreciate the suspense and have more than three and a half minutes to spare will find themselves rewarded for their patience. Some of the best moments on ‘Forever Becoming’ are the climactic ones, which are both satisfying and beautifully constructed.

There’s not much fault to be found on this album. Pelican have done a brilliant job once again, creating an album that is as sentimental and honest as it is hard-hitting and aggressive. While it doesn’t blow away anything they’ve done in the past, it certainly matches it and that’s plenty good enough.


If you’ve never listened to Pelican before, now is as good a time as ever. ‘Forever Becoming’ is up to the same high standard set by all their previous work, and if vocals aren’t a crucial factor in holding your attention then you’ll find plenty to love about this record.


1. Terminal
2. Deny the Absolute
3. The Tundra
4. Immutable Dusk
5. Threnody
6. The Cliff
7. Vestiges
8. Perpetual Dawn

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