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A diverse and upbeat rock album.


87 / 100

You have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. Melbourne’s Aural Window are starting to see progress in the competitive (and often fickle) local scene. New EP ‘Candlelight’ is reflective of a band that has bottled up the lessons from touring and utilised in an ideal musical sense.

Candlelight‘ starts off with ‘Stones & Sounds’, which sounds a little like some old school Paramore persona, with its fun, upbeat rock instrumentals, punctuated by female vocals.

‘An Eye For An Eye’
begins with these same stylings and brings in some instrumentals, which are a touch heavier and less pop oriented. With this and the well-placed hooks throughout these songs, they do well to draw you into the EP. 

‘Candlelight In Georgia’ is very pop punk, at times it even feels like it could be the clean section of a hardcore song. Then we move onto, ‘Mirrors,’ which slows down a little. The guitar work is nice and soothing at times, while met with some crashing drums and pleading vocals, it feels like a very emotional song.

‘Walls,’ feels rather different than the beginning of the EP, it really moves from starting off as some upbeat pop rock consturction to moving into a more pop punk feel. Then, out of the blue, we are even met with some screams, it even feels a little Get Scared in the vocal department. Overall it’s solid though. This EP is short and is able to show Aural Window‘s different musical skills.


Candlelighthas managed to present an impressive and humble EP with just five songs. It has everything from your pop rock female vocal sounds, to pop punk with some heavier guitar work and then even some hardcore-like screams in there. It’s a fun EP, which manages to show you a little something different in each song. 


1. Stones & Sounds
2. An Eye For An Eye
3. Candlelight In Georgia
4. Mirrors Of You
5. Walls

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