Death Angel – The Dream Calls For Blood



The Dream Calls For Blood


Nuclear Blast




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Great 80's revival thrash metal.


90 / 100

Death Angel released their debut album back in 1987 and were a predominant name in the thrash scene from then on. Now, the band proves they still have a modern appeal with ‘The Dream Calls For Blood.’

The group’s first two albums since their return were met with some criticism for not being thrash enough or relying too much on groove elements of metal. In 2010 Death Angel seemed to get it right with their release ‘Relentless Retribution’ and now there is no doubt that they have got it right again this time around. Newest album ‘The Dream Calls For Blood‘ is definitely thrash through and through.

‘Left For Dead’ wastes no time in showcasing that insane, ferocious thrash sound that Death Angel are known for. That along with the great guitar work backing it sets up the album well and leaves expectations high.

As the full-length moves on your expectations are definitely met with tracks such as ‘Fallen’ that showcase solid drums and the title track of the album that is filled with chugging, intense guitar work. This track shows a great balance between harmony and spot on thrash harmonies. It isn’t hard to see why Death Angel have made it to the top of the thrash scene.

The Dream Calls For Blood‘ does hold some diversity with a little bit of groove and even some rock elements in there, with songs such as ‘Detonate’, which moves between melody and thrash. Then we have ‘Territorial Instinct/Bloodlust’, which ends the album with some great riff work and melodies, with even a little bit of a progressive sound lingering. An absolutely killer way to end proceedings.

Death Angel may have taken a couple of albums since their return to find their way, but this album shows they still know how to make killer thrash metal. They are back and here to stay.


‘The Dream Calls For Blood’ is a great thrash album. It has solid guitar work and raspy, harsh vocals to go along with it perfectly. The album is filled with solid harmonies as well as the down and dirty, manic thrash that Death Angel are known for. If their comeback has dissapointed you so far, this album is one to change your mind.


1. Left For Dead
2. Son Of The Morning
3. Fallen
4. The Dream Calls For Blood
5. Succubus
6. Execution – Don’t Save Me
7. Caster Of Shame
8. Detonate
9. Empty
10. Territorial Instinct / Bloodlust

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