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The perfect blend of metalcore and pop-punk.


97 / 100

In case that rock you’ve been living under doesn’t have wi-fi, here’s a history lesson on the A Day To Remember vs. Victory Records court case. In 2011 A Day To Remember filed a lawsuit against Victory Records for withholding royalties from the band. Victory Records’ defence is that the band had failed to meet a five-album contract agreement and they had desires to move to a major label. So, after a long time of speculations, rumours and uncertainty, a court case was held in early October of 2013 and the judge ruled that A Day To Remember could release their upcoming album, ‘Common Courtesy’. Caught up?!

There is still much to sort out in terms of rights and profits but the question is: was the wait worth it? That has a two word answer. Hell yes.

Common Courtesy’ breaks out into what is undeniably one of A Day To Remember’s best songs, ‘City of Ocala’. The track is a pop-punk monster that rolls along at an amazing pace, with a soaring melody from guitars and Jeremy McKinnon’s vocals layered over the top. The song will send shivers up your spine the whole way through.

City of Ocala’ leads straight into ‘Right Back At It Again’, which is another pop-punk giant. Both songs show A Day To Remember honing in on their pop-punk influence. But don’t be deceived, the band has not forgotten their trademark heavier aspect.

Songs like, ‘Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail’, ‘Dead and Buried’ and Life Lessons Learnt the Hard Way’ showcase that metalcore influence of the band brilliantly. They are heavy and energetic and are sure to get the pit going; yet they don’t leave behind the melodies. But, if the heaviness isn’t the thing you love about the band then ‘Life @ 11’ and ‘I Remember’ will be your jams with a strong pop-punk/post-hardcore nature.

It wouldn’t be an A Day To Remember album without an acoustic track…or two…or three. That might be the only criticism of the album. ‘I’m Already Gone’, ‘I Surrender’ and ‘End of Me’ are all tracks that are considered acoustic ballads or heavily feature acoustic guitars. It’s actually not that big of an issue because they are done very well and have a lot of power and power to them.


‘Common Courtesy’ shows off everything the band is capable of delivering. Those catchy and crazily fun pop-punk tunes that everyone loves to sing-a-long to make a big feature. However, those brutally heavy numbers will come crushing down on you like a wrecking ball so the album balances out perfectly. After listening to the album a few times you’ll realise there are very few flaws to it. ‘Common Courtesy’ is, without a doubt, a contender for album of the year.



1. City of Ocala
2. Right Back At It Again
3. Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail
4. Dead & Buried
5. Best Of Me
6. I’m Already Gone
7. Violence (Enough Is Enough)
8. Life @ 11
9. I Surrender
10. Life Lessons Learnt The Hard Way
11. End Of Me
12. The Document Speaks For Itself
13. I Remember

14 Responses to “A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy”

  1. mobile firey

    Yeah, fuck making awesome diverse progression whilst clearly keeping the roots too.

    May as well just recycle the same sound and not put true talent to use.

  2. Elan

    Album is okay, bit of fun but not much substance really. Amazed someone would rate it 97/100, which surely puts it at “Best album ever released” status? 7/10

  3. Matt.S

    Holy Hell! Sorry guys, was meant to be 100 but as a previous album I gave 97 it autofilled it to 97! Will change it now.
    Sorry guys!! :/

  4. SteveC SteveC

    Killer album. It’s not bloody Dark Side of the Moon, but in terms of this style of music, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

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