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Dennis Lyxzén has had a variety of projects, however there are usually some of his punk rock roots present in all of them. That is what makes his latest group, INVSN, the most diverse in comparison to the likes of The (International) Noise Conspiracy or his work with The Bloody Beetroots. INVSN is mainly made up of members from The Lost Patrol, but rather than the political, emotional post-punk which that group created, we have 80’s influenced synth pop. So yeah, a little different.

This music would be the perfect soundtrack to some teenage Molly Ringwald film with a slightly more anthemic edge and touches of electronics for colour. It is the new kind of indie rock that has taken all of its cues from the old kind. The funny thing is though, Lyxzén‘s voice is extremely well suited to the clean and melodic style of which he offers here.

You would expect the usual political subject matter that usually dominates Lyxzén‘s lyrics, and while opener ‘#61′ will help confirm that expectation, this and the other tracks on the record shroud the message more than ever before. He could be talking about politics, but he could also be talking about love. INVSN clouds the message in such a way that this record could easily be about either, leaving it to the listener to decide.

Second track ‘Down In The Shadows’ picks up the pace with a constant industrial style beat and new wave guitars, which open up into a bright soaring chorus line leading into the Flock Of Seagulls style opening to ‘The Promise’. The bass lines often steal the limelight from the guitars, like on ‘Our Blood’ an album stand-out, which is owned by the rhythm section and the dark, melodic syncopation of the vocals.

Things then brighten up with some inspirational guitar sounds in the honest ‘Inheritance’, "Never felt strong enough to call myself a man." The record closes with the soft rumblings of the atmospheric ‘The Hate’, a track that cranks up the reverb, ending the album with yet another anthem for broken hearts.


INVSN roots its sound deep in the power-pop ballads of the 80’s, but they do it organically and with conviction. The flow of the record is a true tussle between light and dark, with more and more layers revealed upon repeated listens. Dennis Lyxzén has stepped out of his box in style.


1. #61
2. Down in the Shadows
3. The Promise
4. God Has Left Us Stranded
5. Vasterbotten
6. Our Blood
7. Interitance
8. It’s All Coming Back
9. Distorted Heartbeat
10. Hate

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