A Loss for Words – Before It Caves


Before It Caves


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The Wonder Years - Saves the Day - Polar Bear Club


A great pop-punk record that shows this band at the top of their game.


85 / 100

Massachusetts’ A Loss For Words are back! 

Kicking off with ‘Distance’, an upbeat pop-punk tune that sounds like a throwback to the Saves the Day era with a modern edge, ‘Before It Caves‘ sets the pace early. The flow is great; never letting up the happy, upbeat tempo. Vocal wise the track is solid. It even features guest vocals from Lynn Gunn of Paris. The male-to-female harmonies really work with to create a powerful ending.

Guest vocals become a welcomed addition. Another song that features guest contributions is ‘Conquest of Mistakes’. Dan Campbell (Soupy) of The Wonder Years comes in near the end of the track and does an effective job, contrasting with Matty Arsenault’s higher modal range.

Tracks like ‘No Pioneer (feat. Jimmy Stadt Of Polar bear Club’ and ‘Eclipsed’ are fun and cool pop-punk songs that put a smile to your face and get the energy going. There are some average moments like ‘Block’ and ‘All This Time’ but they are still capable in their own right. However, the album picks itself up and shows itself off after the ninth song, ‘The Kids Can’t Lose’.

The record, after ‘The Kids Can’t Lose’, feels a lot more powerful and stronger. The musicianship is really sharp and executed well, accenting the lyrical themes of being looked down upon and touring among others. ‘Brace Yourself’ is the song about drinking problems and it’s a cohesive acoustic ballad that builds up to a great, big, melodic ending.

Siesta Key’ and ‘All Roads Lead to Home’ showcase the band at their finest. With great pacing, big choruses and energy these songs are fine finishers. A solid release from an equally solid band.



‘Before It Caves’ is a great pop-punk record all up. It has the energy and passion that Saves The Day have, with the fun of Set Your Goals and the emotion of The Wonder Years. This all accumulates to a great pop-punk record that will be a favourite among fans old and new.


1. Distance
2. Conquest of Mistakes
3. Falling
4. All This Time
5. No Pioneer
6. 20 Block
7. No Merit to Envy
8. Eclipsed
9. The Kids Can’t Lose
10. The Torch and The Name
11. Brace Yourself
12. Siesta Key
13. All Roads Lead to Home

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