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Raw, Classical Folk that colours within the lines but is outstanding nevertheless


75 / 100

Twin Forks is the fresh outlet of singer songwriter Chris Carrabba, crooning frontman of everyone’s favourite emo band, Dashboard Confessional.

Twin Forks
’ debut EP is not what most listeners will be expecting. Carrabba has, while still remaining equally as passionate and expressive as in his previous work, outgrown his brooding and subdued ways. Reaching into the dusty corners of his roots, Twin Forks sees Carrabba and the band embrace a voice of ambivalent positivity and optimism, in his chosen form: raw, classic folk.

There’s nothing comparable to the voice of Chris Carrabba, and in first track, ‘Back To You‘, it shines as it always has, with as much vigour, sweetness and nostalgia as ever. On Twin Forks, however, the instrumentals aren’t merely the quiet child beside the force of Carrabba’s vocals. As in ‘ Something We Just Know,’ where Carrabba channels the likes of Mumford and Sons, a vibrant folky quality stands tall and strong next to the power of the vocals. The whole record is enriched by this charmingly simplistic character that sets it apart from anything else Carrabba has done.

It’s clear by ‘ Cross My Mind’ and Can’t Be Broken’ that this is a record for the crowd. With its infectious sing-a-long choruses, injected with whistles, light percussion and quaint guitar melodies, it’s too easy to envision the crowd really getting into these songs. However, some of the tracks may be bordering on too simplistic and accessible to be appealing to those looking for something with a little more longevity. Last on the EP is instant winner, ‘Scraping Up The Pieces,’ the perfect example of the endless scope of the talents of Twin Forks.


Twin Forks should be commended on the way in which they managed to tap in to the essence of a genre that is not only steeped in history and tradition, but resides also in unfamiliar territory for Carrabba thus far in his career. The EP is a breathtaking first offering from Twin Peaks. It’s meticulously crafted and thoroughly enjoyable, and a record that is bound to draw people of all tastes in.


1. Back to You
2. Something We Just Know
3. Cross My Mind
4. Can’t Be Broken
5. Scraping Up The Pieces

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