Scar The Surface – From The Shadows To The Fire


From The Shadows To The Fire





For Fans Of

Trivium - Lamb Of God - Killswitch Engage


A well constructed and musically diverse metal album.


90 / 100

Hailing from arguably Australia’s alternative capital, Melbourne, independent band Scar The Surface have received a good amount of success from their previous loved works and strong work ethic. Now they are back in the game with their newsiest album – ‘From the Shadows to the Fire‘.

Opening tack ‘LADOTD‘ sets the mood for the album, with a capturing instrumental introduction that moves into perfectly executed riffs, with a successful mix of heavy, growling vocals and refreshing moments of clean and harmonious croons. This track is right on point and sets some high expectations for the rest of the album.

Breathing The (D)evil Inside‘ has a similar feel to it, with its diverse vocals and its killer guitar work. In fact, most of the songs feel this way. They work well together and have been produced well. The full-length holds some structurally amazing highlights such as ‘Without Reverence‘, which can be appreciated by metal critiques all around with its melodic chorus and impressive breakdown.

From the Shadows to the Fire‘ is chaotic and brutal, it incorporates many different musical elements with even some hardcore, groove and alternative rock influences rearing its heads at times, yet it doesn’t stray away from their classic metal sound, it just improves it. The band is reminiscent of sounds like Trivium and Lamb of God but Scar The Surface have their own unique sound in there that will leave your jaw on the floor by the end of the album.

The entire album is catchy and well constructed, a real good head banging album if you will. It wouldn’t be surprising if Scar The Surface were the next big thing to come out of Australia based on what is presented here.


‘From the Shadows To The Fire’ is a well constructed and diverse metal album. The quality instrumentals and vocals mash together to make a cohesive and articulate record that is sure to really put Scar The Surface’s name out into the metal discussions. It’s sure to be one for every metal lovers collection and definitely one to check out.


2. Dissolved
3. Breathing the (D)evil Inside
4. Hangman
5. A Strength that Overcomes
6. I, the Obscure
7. Without Reverence
8. The Travller has Come
9. Dreaming Through Dead Eyes
10. Overthrow
11. Unite Our Blood

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