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The Bride - Stray From The Path - Defeater


Eclectic hardcore/metal from some of Australia's finest


89 / 100

Hellions may well be the new kids on the block in Australian hardcore, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a thing or two to show everyone. Being active for only half a year, the band is already making waves around the country, and with the touring and recording experience of bands like The Bride and House vs Hurricane featured in their line-up, it’s really no shock that they seem to know what they’re doing. Debut release, ‘Die Young‘ reflects this, setting them in stone as a name to watch in coming years.

Sonically, ‘Die Young‘ has a strong resemblance to some of The Bride‘s material, particularly songs from ‘President Rd.’ That doesn’t mean the band is simply staying where they were in previous projects. Rather, this album is an improvement on previous projects. It takes the work of The Bride, adds in a dose of House vs Hurricane (courtesy of bassist Dylan Stark) and mixes it in with influence from a wide range of hardcore and metal bands, such as Rage Against The Machine, letlive. and Stray From The Path.

Dre Faivre‘s vocals are at an all time high for his career. Whether giving a delivery at machine gun pace or putting everything into a more drawn out, pronounced style, Faivre does so in style. With an emotional intensity that can be likened to bands like Defeater, we see this early on through track ‘Daughters‘ as Dre recalls previous mistakes he has made in his childhood and the ramifications they had for the people around him.

As long as we’re talking about vocal performances, it would be quite foolish not to pay any attention to the guest work of Adrian Fitipaldes of Northlane. Being part of one of Australia’s most prominent metalcore acts, it’s no shock that Adrian‘s vocal delivery on lead single ‘Infamita‘ is flawless and compliments Dre perfectly, adding an extra layer to the track and essentially taking it to a new level.

The group works well as a unit to create a vast array of eclectic soundscapes that make the album incredibly diverse. Whether channeling raw anger in ‘Infamita,’ a type of youthful energy in ‘10/08/11 (i) The Spurway Pirouette,’ or keeping things much more mellow in the opening of ‘The Grandfather Clock,’ Hellions show a great range of ideas that are bound to set them apart in a scene where bands are constantly in danger of drowning in a sea of monotony.


Put simply, Hellions are a band to watch. With ‘Die Young’ they command attention and deliver what is definitely one of the stronger releases from the Australian music community this year. There is absolutely no doubt that if the guys in Hellions keep putting out music of this quality they will easily become a staple act in the local scene and beyond.


1. Firament
2. Daughters
3. 10/08/11 (i) The Spurway Pirouette
4. (ii) The Spurway Tourniquet
5. The Penultimate Year
6. The Great Fabricator
7. Consigliere
8. Enough Embellishment
9. Infamita
10. The Grandfather Clock (i) Father
11. (ii) Falter
12. 22

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