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Dream On, Dreamer - Anberlin


Big, fast and just awesome!


95 / 100

Young Lions’ debut LP, ‘Burn’ is an alternative rock anthem from start to finish. The band is fronted by the powerful voice of Zachary Britt (clean vocals and guitar in Dream On, Dreamer) and backed by superb musicianship that all accumulates to create a great record.

You’ll notice from the first track and lead single, ‘Before the Storm’, that these guys have a big sound. The aural styles are atmospheric yet rocky and powerful. It really moves you emotionally and sends shivers up your back. It provides a powerful emotional backdrop for the listener.

Tracks like the ballad ‘Blood and Water’ and ‘Sleepless Rest’ only strengthen the aforementioned statement. They have this build up in the verses that lead to a great uplifting chorus. It grabs your attention, holds it tight and it won’t let go.

It’s this engagement and fluent approach to song delivery that gives ‘Burn‘ appeal. Instead of going in one ear and out the other, the songs have retention. 

But don’t be fooled; Young Lions have a harder side to them. In contrast, songs like the title track as well as Non-Believer’ and ‘Take Me Home’ have this great, raw energy and strong pace, but still keep in touch with the more uplifting nature of the other songs. You’ll be surprised with The Runner and The Fighter’. It’s angry and fast and will get you in the mood to move.


‘Burn’ is an album you don’t want to ignore. With enough power in songs like ‘The Runner and The Fighter’ and ‘Non-Believer’ to get you pumped and excited; there’s also enough emotion and atmosphere in ‘Before the Storm’ and ‘Sleepless Rest’ to balance it out. This all adds up to ensure a very enjoyable record. Alternative rock at its finest.



  1.  Before The Storm
  2. Sleepless Rest
  3. The Runner And The Fighter
  4. Grave Digger
  5. Non-Believer
  6. Blood And Water
  7. Prison Pains
  8. Frail Futures
  9. Take Me Home
  10. Burn

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