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I Kill Giants


An intriguing mixture of synth pop and punk.


85 / 100

Logfella’s debut EP comes with the disclaimer: “The name logfella, the sample in the first track, and the art on the page are all property of the game Swords and Sworcery. All aesthetic credit goes to that wonderful game.” Logfella fits the whole synth pop game music sound very well but with a fascinating fusion of punk. It is certainly an interesting twist of sounds that occur around the familiar vocals of I Kill Giants vocalist, Dylan Hanwright.

At first Logfella can be likened to bands such as I Set My Friends On Fire, which is unexpected, but this comparison only holds up for a small portion of ‘logfella #1’ until the near-screaming vocals and extensive digital sounds give way.

logfella #2 (feat. Cam Boucher)’ and ‘logfella #3’, however, feature a more familiar sound, and could be slightly remixed versions of I Kill Giants songs. ‘logfella #2 (feat. Cam Boucher)’ begins with great enthusiasm, and then loses momentum when guitar and bass notes are left to ring and the wretched lyrics in Cam Boucher of Old Gray’s part come forward. This then leads into transitory track ‘logfella #3’ which, in a way, does the opposite, moving from calm to more chaotic.

logfella #4’ is a retreat, for the most part, to the more digital sounds that introduced the EP. In its second half, the song is built around the meaningful line–“am I being used, or am I useful?” – a perfect last line for the release, which strongly represents Hanwright’s hopeful yet pessimistic lyricism.

The release includes a different take on the I Kill Giants song ‘Collector’, released on the band’s most recent self-titled full length, as its final track. The bonus instrumental track, ‘Collector (8-bit Version)’, is a fun addition for those familiar with the original track, but otherwise the addition may come across as a little odd and unnecessary.


A unique combination of punk and game-music-style synth pop, which seems like it should not work, but is admirably pulled off. Logfella makes one think that game music really could do with a touch of punk.


1. logfella #1
2. logfella #2 (feat. Cam Boucher)
3. logfella #3
4. logfella #4
5. Collector (8-bit Version)

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