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Forged In Flame


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Catchy Folk Metal that will have you head banging by the first song.


90 / 100

Claim The Throne is a folk metal band which hails from Perth in Western Australia. 2008 saw the release of their debut album ‘Only The Brave Return‘, which ascended them in the music scene as the band became a support for internationals such as Alestorm on their Australian tour. Claim The Throne return with ‘Forged In Flame‘ and it does not disappoint.

Beginning with acoustic introduction ‘Ravagelands‘  the album quickly throws itself into a heavier sound, which proves as a nice transition into the rest of the full-length. ‘Ravagelands‘ sets the pace for the album with both heavier and softer elements of folk metal incorporated throughout the entire offering.

The World Grows Dull‘ is straight into the dense sounds and brutal vocals that might not be everyone’s first thought when they hear the word "Folk." However, there are clean vocals mixed in with great raspy growls that create this pirate metal-esque feel, which then meets the brutality of good old fashioned metal. This remains quite consistent.

Forged In Flame‘ is full of tracks that would definitely make a hit when played live. They are all sing-a-long and head banging worthy, the perfect concoction for a crazy mosh pit. Tracks such as ‘Serpent and the Star‘ give off a powerful vocal and instrumental feel and are full of some great sounding guitar work.

The album also holds a couple of acoustic tracks, which stray away from the path of classic Claim The Throne. However, they still manage to make it sound uniquely individual and fit with the rest of the album. ‘The Oceans Edge‘ provides a nice breather between the harsher sounds and themes that penetrate the rest of the record.

Chronicle‘ presents a calm but eerie piano piece and serves as an ideal ending. It seems a little bit odd to end the prevailing brutality on such a calm note, but really the track is quite soothing, like a cool down exercise after a big workout.


‘Forged In Flame’ is a great folk metal album, with a good mix of acoustic sounds and clean vocals mixed with signature heavy elements. Claim The Throne have incorporated a lot of different elements and managed to put them together well to keep their classic and unique sound, while experimenting with some acoustic tracks. The instrumentals show skill while the vocals are strong. Overall, the album is catchy and would be a great album in a live context. 


1. Ravagelands
2. The World Grows Dull
3. A Grand Destruction
4. Zephyrus
5. In the Mist
6. Forged in Flame
7. Serpent and the Star
8. Incursion
9. At the Ocean’s Edge
10. Essence of a Scorched Realm
11. Gloryfeast
12. Darkened Seas Collide
13. In Blood Be Sworn
14. Chronicle

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