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Indie punk brewed in a garage.


75 / 100

Throughout the course of Damn Terran‘s debut LP you’ll be treated to dirty, grungy riffs, droning melodic phrases and many other staples that came out of Seattle in the 80s.

Damn Terran
make inventive use of the conventions of grunge and indie punk and while it occasionally stumbles, the overall package is definitely worthy of praise.

What Damn Terran do well, they do really well. Their breed of grungy, fuzz distortion-laden riffs and indie-punk attitude creates a lot of catchy songs. Moods vary from aggressive garage rock to more droning, stoner rock-inspired vibes, offering a nice amount of variety. The vocals accompany each differing atmosphere well, from harsh yells to simple yet effective clean passages.

The album is not without its flaws, however. Though they don’t tarnish the overall package too much, occasionally tracks simply fail to hold your attention. These lulls in energy and creativity aren’t too frequent but they do detract from what would otherwise be a fantastic record.

As far as first impressions go, Damn Terran have done a great job with their debut album. You could do a lot worse than to give this one a listen.


Damn Terran’s self-titled debut is a satisfying mix of indie, punk and garage rock that mostly holds its own, but tends to lose your attention from time to time. An album with a lot of potential, don’t make the mistake of passing it up. It’s well worth a listen.


1. Provokasia
2. Lost
3. Simon’s Song
4. A Killer
5. Wrong Things
6. Rebels
7. Pills
8. Downtown
9. Burlesque Dancer
10. So Ordinary
11. Uncanny Valley
12. In Your Dreams

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