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Reveler‘s new album ‘Iridescence’ sounds like a Greatest Hits release including every metalcore band that all your high school buddies put together back in 2009 so they had something to do when they weren’t beating people up at Parkway Drive shows. Not that we are implying there are any hit songs here, just that my metaphors are slightly inaccurate. This album is a waste of time in every aspect. Simply put.

From start to finish, ‘Iridescence’ is one long yawn-fest filled with backwards thinking and not much else. The whole thing is so uninspired it actually sucks inspiration from those who hear it, which made the listen rather tedious. There’s not a single track on this album that doesn’t sound exactly like any metalcore band circa 2006 – 2009. Some of the riffs even sound like they’ve been copied completely off Killswitch Engage.

The truth is that a lot of the music that came out of those formative years in metalcore is, in a word, shit. The genre has made such incredible progress in the last few years in terms of songwriting and musical quality, there just isn’t a place for this brand of uninventive, breakdown-laden garbage anymore. Even the album cover is one of those 10 minute Photoshop jobs where they’ve grabbed some random landscape from Google images and whacked their shitty logo over the top of it. 

If by this point you still want to know about the technical side of things for some reason; if you grew your fringe out during high school you probably know exactly what it sounds like already. If you didn’t, you won’t be interested anyway.


As the guys from Reveler sit around in their Parkway Drive mosh shorts, high-fiving each other and celebrating the release of their new album, hopefully they suddenly realise what a horrible mistake they’ve made. ‘Iridescence’ may just be one of the most irrelevant, disappointing and just plain awful albums ever conceived and they should be ashamed for releasing it upon the world.


1. Honestly
2. Move/Meant
3. The Undertow
4. Luminescent
5. Iridescent
6. Station 1:2:1
7. Made for This
8. Transitions
9. Means to an End
10. On Bloated Wings

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