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Moving Mountains


Triple Crown




For Fans Of

Silversun Pickups, Smashing Pumpkins


A band exceeding in their element.


95 / 100

It is obvious that Moving Mountains like to challenge their fans and themselves with each new release based purely on the drastic style changes between them. The band need to have the disclaimer of: "try not to get too comfortable, we won’t be here for long" with their music as their latest self titled record changes things up yet again.

This time however they have reined the experimentation in and opted for a more straight-forward rock approach, with more focus on vocals than ever before. Things are still quite mellowed out however, the album opens with the calming and beautiful, ‘Swing Set’, which feels like it may have been influenced by some older Smashing Pumpkins thanks to its low and breathy vocals and shimmering guitars. Regardless it is an album stand-out straight away.

Things pick up with the crashing opening of ‘Burn Pile’, which features some indie rock tones, akin to the likes of Silversun Pickups and so far removed from the atmospheric instrumentation of the last record ‘Pneuma’ you will think it is a completely different band. But that is the point, read the disclaimer.

The album provides another highlight with the gently strummed ‘Hands’, backed by a strong and direct beat and brilliant vocal melodies, this is the softest the band has ever been, but this song will leave you wondering why it has taken so long for them to make music like this. The group get a bit Bon Iver on ‘Eastern Leaves’, a folk song with a subtle driving kick drum and touches of xylophone for colour before the chaotic change of pace that is ‘Hudson’.

The lyrics are as sullen as most of the musical themes of the record, especially ‘Under A Falling Sky’, a song that talks about the bottom line, death, matched with a low toned guitar and haunting synths (and is given a brighter touch with the bonus remix version of the track). The album ends with ‘Apsides’, a song that could have been taken straight from the last record, atmospheric and space heavy, the only difference being the presence of vocals in keeping with the theme of the whole new album.


This record is instantly likeable. It is worlds above Moving Mountains first two albums, which are great, but this is the style of music the band should be playing as they excel at it. Maybe it explains why it is self titled? That being said, it will all probably change by the next album, so may as well enjoy this one, as it is all we’ll probably get.


1. Swing Set
2. Burn Pile
3. Hands
4. Seasonal
5. Eastern Leaves
6. Hudson
7. Under A Falling Sky
8. Chords
9. Apsides

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