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A somewhat calm blend of doom and black metal.


80 / 100

It has been five years since the listener was greeted with the dark Scandinavian croon of veterans Satyricon. The band return with their new self titled work – always a bold statement of intent. Satyricon have had time away to explore and experiment, and now they deliver a rather diverse album that you’ll probably either really love or hate. It marks a new chapter in the band’s style and sound leading towards post-black metal.

There are still elements here, which draw on previous known Satyricon styles. However, there is no denying that Satyricon have strayed away from their past brutal and heavier sounds, which might be a cause to either loathe the full-length or really embrace it. It’s an album that will test the Satyricon fan base. The record is much softer in production, it has a sad and sorrowful feel about the whole thing, much more so than any of the band’s previous works. The album itself does hold some simplistic 4/4 rock beats, but while simple they flow with this nicely composed album.

Beginning with ‘Voice of Shadows,’ a very doom sounding instrumental track that really sets the mood for the whole album, it sets high expectations and promises. Follower, ‘Tro go Kraft‘ is very melancholy, but also powerful. The precision of the drums really back the song, while the riffs throughout are quite simple, but guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day.

Phoenix‘ is one that is bound to cause some uproar. It features vocals by Sivert Høyem, which are entirely clean. The drums and slower riffs hold parts of the band’s old sound while this track also proves that they really took the time to rediscover themselves and obviously don’t care what anyone has to say about it.

Walker On The Wind‘ might please you if you were listening to this album in hopes of something heavier. The track is full of pounding percussion, snarling vocals and some more notable riffs. This track is probably the closest on the album to any of the Satyricon‘s previous works.

The Infinity Of Time And Space‘ throws up another bout of confusion as it acts as something completely diverse from all the other songs on this album. The track is filled with doom influences, like the rest of the album, though it offers a sense of calmness.

Satyricon’s self titled work is something that requires a patient listen. It’s intriguing and completely addictive. It’s surely not as heavy as their past works, but if you take it for what it is it’s a really nicely put together record. There are definitely some simple sounds to the album, which can be disappointing, however it’s overall sound is challenging and rather hypnotic.


‘Satyricon’ is something that is either going to be seriously loved or hated. The album is calming and well put together with softer doom influenced sounds. The full-length can be simple with its instrumentals at times, however the sound is completely mesmerising and quite catchy. It might be straightforward, but it will also be stuck in your head for ages. 


1. Voice Of Shadows
2. Tro Og Kraft
3. Our World, It Rumbles Tonight
4. Nocturnal Flare
5. Phoenix
6. Walker Upon The Wind
7. Nekrohaven
8. Ageless Northern Spirit
9. The Infinity Of Time And Space
10. Natt

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