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Engineering The Enemy





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A creepy sounding mix of good metal and electronica


90 / 100

Our Last Enemy have been quickly making their way up the charts in the alternative Australian music scene thanks to their popular industrial metal sounds and unpredictable live shows, which are successful in pulling in a crowd. The band’s full length album ‘Fallen Empires‘ was met with great success as was their following EP ‘Wolves Of Perigord,‘ now they have come out with their latest album, ‘Engineering The Enemy‘, which sees the group remix their previous works.

Taking a metal album and making it into something more electronic sounding is something that can be met with a lot of scrutiny, but Our Last Enemy have really packed a punch here as they bring in the remixing expertise of known names such as Mortiis (ex Emperor), Travis Neal (Divine Heresy), Angel (Dope/Team Cybergeist) and Angelspit.

"We’re looking forward to showing the harsh electronic side of things, that we love as much as metal," The band’s mission statement read prior to the album’s release.

The tracks are well deconstructed and remixed. It’s not just the old song with a few extra sounds thrown in here and there, but rather a real proper remix. This is evident from the very first song, ‘1000 Headless Enemies’, which has a really, creepy industrial vibe, something that is bound to become a goth club anthem. ‘Ants In The Palm‘ still has some great metal sounds in there, it manages to capture Our Last Enemy’s true sound as well as the electronic remix feel of the album.

Don’t Look Now‘ is especially memorable. This Angelspit remix is predominantly clean vocals with a heavy electronic feel, it works and feels very goth, even a little Nine Inch Nails with the vocals. The whispering croons at the start, along with the dark industrial sounding introduction, send chills up your spine in the best way.

The entire album is one big alternative club anthem. It’s great with its industrial electronic and rather agrotech sounds along with the harsh intensity of the vocals. It has a very Queen Of The Damned-esque sound. The great thing about it is also that the remixes and the electronic styles throughout this 16-song offering all appear relatively different, each song is something new and contrasting.


‘Engineering The Enemy’ is a great mix of metal and electronica in one. The remixes are well executed by the talented artists featured. If you are a fan of industrial, metal remixes and goth sounding electronica this is a great album for you.


1. 10000 Headless Enemies – Pink Industrial Remix
2. Ants In The Palm – Beano (The Berzerker) Remix
3. Carrion – AR 12 Remix
4. Devour the Sun – Angel (DOPE Team Cybergeist)
5. Don’t Look Now – Angelspit Remix
6. Pariah AD – Viral Millennium Remix
7. Low – Dismantled Remix
8. Devour The Sun – Shiv-r Remix
9. Pariah AD – Autoclaws Remix
10. Internus Diablos Verni – Mortiis Remix
11. Wolves Of Perigord – Shudder X Remix
12. What You Say – Noveaux Rezonant Remix
13. Pariah AD – Travis Neal (Divine Heresy)
14. Low – DJ Dasein Lights Out Remix
15. Scar Away – As Angels Bleed Remix
16. Internus Diablos Verni – DJ Buddah Remix

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