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Accomplished release from Australian pop punk/alternative rock group


91 / 100

Tonight Alive have created quite the success story over the last four years. Since their formation, they’ve gone from playing the smallest of shows in rooms all around Australia to playing multiple headline and supporting tours and festivals across Europe and the US, building up an immense international fan base along the way. Two years on from the release of acclaimed debut album ‘What Are You So Scared Of?,’ the band are back with the follow-up, ‘The Other Side,’ and not only does it live up to any expectations, it’s miles ahead, leaving any expectations well behind.

The band wastes no time, kicking things off with lead single, ‘The Ocean,’ which immediately sets the tone for a much darker style of music that lasts from start to finish on the album. Driven by some fantastic guitar work by Jake Hardy and Whakaio Taahi, as well as some fantastically delivered melodies by lead vocalist Jenna McDougall, the song gives an excellent first impression, one that is held throughout the entire record.

McDougall‘s vocals show significant improvement on this release, with a stronger range, and genuinely passionate delivery on each track. The background vocal harmonies (provided by McDougall and Taahi) are also a major positive point on the release, providing support to McDougall‘s melodies and adding depth to the texture of their respective tracks.

Drummer Matt Best and bassist Cam Adler hold things down in the rhythm section remarkably, for the most part controlling the texture of the tracks. At times powerful and aggressive (Lonely Girl, The Fire) and at others a bit more reserved (Hell And Back, Come Home), shining through at their best on ‘No Different,’ playing in triple time and backed once again by Jenna‘s impressive execution as a vocalist and an energetic, yet precise guitar riff.

Those that are fans of Tonight Alive‘s more dark and aggressive side (Think ‘Wasting Away,’ ‘Breaking and Entering‘ and particularly ‘Revenge & It’s Thrills‘) will love this release. Not only does it showcase Tonight Alive‘s heavier side, but it does it better than they ever have before. Tracks like ‘Lonely Girl,’ ‘The Fire,’ and ‘Don’t Wish‘ are bound to force their way into Tonight Alive set lists and stay as fan favourites for a long time after the release of this album.


‘The Other Side’ isn’t just a step in the right direction. No, it’s miles further than that. This is certainly the most accomplished thing Tonight Alive have released in their career yet, and frankly, given the quality of their previous releases, that says a lot. Tonight Alive are an excellent representation of Australian music in the international market, and ‘The Other Side’ backs that up magnificently.


  1. The Ocean
  2. Don’t Wish
  3. Lonely Girl
  4. Hell and Back
  5. The Other Side
  6. The Fire
  7. Complexes
  8. Coming Home
  9. Bathwater
  10. No Different
  11. Say Please
  12. You Don’t Owe Me Anything

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  1. SteveC

    It’s pretty epic. Def a huge step up. The only thing I can fault is the production. The vocals are twice as loud as everything else and the guitars have been wimped down and told to stay out of the way. Of course the vocals would be loud for this type of release, but I think they went a bit overboard.

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