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Occasionally shines, but mostly pretty dull.


62 / 100

At times emotionally charged but mostly your average chug-fest, ‘Voices’ by Cabin Fever has its share of noteworthy moments. Some tracks contain heartfelt melodies and genuinely honest lyrics, though most just sound rather typical. Ultimately what it fails to do is sound significant.

Regardless, fans of the genre will probably find enough reason to warrant multiple listens all the same. Head-banging riffs abound and some of the beatdown sections are sure to start a few bedroom moshes.

Technically, the band does a decent job, executing each song smoothly and energetically. The vocals, while fitting, start to become a real drag after a while. Lead singer Brendan Hall has a nice, gravelly vocal quality but phrases every single line pretty much the same way. After a couple of songs his constant, un-changing inflection will start to bore, and even annoy.

‘Voices’ is at its strongest during its more sentimental-sounding moments. There are some real emotionally invested sections that act brilliantly as a momentary break from all the chugging. You have to enjoy these parts while they last though, because they don’t appear often or last long. Before you know it you’ll be thrust back into mosh-town and the next rest stop isn’t for 100 miles.

Cabin Fever have the potential to craft a more unique sound if only they focused on writing more genuine material, which sounds great when they do. Otherwise they’ll continue to sound like every other band in the scene.


‘Voices’ is a more or less stock-standard hardcore punk release from Cabin Fever. All the usual staples can be found here, from the harsh vocal style to the chugging riffs, gang vocal sections and simple, poignant melodies. This isn’t a bad album, it just isn’t a standout. But don’t let that stop you from giving it a chance. Hardcore fans will find plenty to like here.


1. Intro
2. Voices
3. Hard Yards
4. Better View from the Sky
5. End of the Road
6. Into the Night
7. Monsters
8. Karma’s Hand
9. But the Sun Will Rise

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