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A really intricate and skilful mix of experimental instrumentals.


98 / 100

Evan Brewer, of The Faceless and (even earlier) Animosity fame, brought us his debut album ‘Alone‘ back in 2011, really showcasing his musical ability and skills on bass. Now, we are presented with another instrumental serving, ‘Your Itinerary.’

Your Itinerary,’ however, is not just a solo album, but sounds more like a band as Brewer has appearances from musicians such as Navene Koperweis (ex-Animals As Leaders and former Animosity band mate) and Paul Allen. The combination of musicians allows for an even more in depth and mind blowing experience than his last album allowed, with drums, keyboards and guitar solos incorporated all throughout the sophomore offering.

Right off the bat with ‘The Adjacent Possible‘ we are shown the possibilities for this album as the listener is met with synth melodies and great bass lines. Throughout the song there are two different bass lines, which mesh together to make a mesmerising and harmonious sound.

Another World‘ shows intricate drum work while it moves into this really fast paced, crazy guitar and bass work, which really emphasises the bass. This is common throughout the album as the drum and keyboard work is intricate and well done. It emphasises Brewer’s work without the bass being an overpowering factor. Rather than Brewer shredding like crazy and being the entire focus for the album, the full-length is intricately woven together, a fusion of keyboards, guitars, drums and bass that make this record really resonate.

Your Itinerary‘ is quite varied. It is experimental and explores many aspects of music from jazz through to a hint of electronica. The album is largely jazz influences and basically void of any crazy shredding, and has little death metal influence that you might expect from a musician who has experience in heavy music circles.

This album shows Brewer’s skill on bass and also his composition skills, really becoming that one step ahead from his last album. There is only so much you can accomplish with just a bass, but with all these elements of a band together Brewer has created something magic that just really works.


‘Your Itinerary’ is a great mix of experimental sounds from jazz to electronica and just a hint of metal. Evan Brewer’s decision to use drums, keyboards and guitars throughout the album to emphasise and work with his bass work really makes the album stand out as something great.


1. The Adjacent Possible
2. Microscopic Scale
3. Another World
4. This Seems Familiar
5. A Little Goes A Long Way
6. Cause for Concern
7. Home Away from Home
8. Full Circle

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