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Ground Me


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Manchester Orchestra - All Get Out – Weatherbox


Laid-back alternative tunes.


80 / 100

The idea of Nathan Hussey writing a solo album is sure to spout excitement in any All Get Out fan. However, that is why it is a bit of a shame the album does not quite live up to the excellence of the band’s music, such as their latest effort ‘The Season’. That being said, ‘Ground Me’ is still pretty damn terrific.

The endeavour is comparable to Brian Warren of Weatherbox taking the band in another direction following ‘American Art’, with the more pared-back album, ‘The Cosmic Drama’, or perhaps more appropriately, to Anthony Green releasing solo music on the side of his work in Circa Survive.

Angry Men’ is all you could ask for in an opening track. It establishes a less punchy and anthemic sound in comparison to what Hussey’s unique voice is usually affiliated with, but in comparison to much of the album it is rather punchy and upbeat. The song serves as a middle ground between the music from All Get Out and the overall sound of ‘Ground Me’, and cleverly eases one into the transition.

From there on in though, the songs are more laid-back and a bit less interesting. For instance ‘Intervention’ becomes a bit of a slow drawl in parts. The song also contains some fairly obvious folk qualities, which can also be found in some of the other songs namely ‘Long Bad Days’ and pretty heavily in title track, ‘Ground Me’. This is not a constant characteristic that encompasses the entire album though, with the alternative genre still steadily present.

Despite the more laid-back sound, there are some moments where interest peaks. ‘Neat’, for example, features a very catchy ascending acoustic guitar melody that reoccurs, think ‘Road to Joy’ by Bright Eyes, and this is also mimicked in the vocal part at times. ‘No One’ also has a line on keys close to halfway through that is just as infectious and returns to see the song out.


A great effort from the All Get Out front man, but one that does not completely do justice to his past musical pursuits or the tremendously optimistic feeling which the opening track gives. It is definitely still an album which will be enjoyed even though one may wish to play ‘Angry Men’ on repeat and pretend the rest of the album is just as great.


1. Angry Men
2. Ravanel
3. Intervention
4. No One
5. Persona Non Grata
6. Ground Me
7. Long Bad Days
8. Neat
9. Well Water
10. What Do You Know

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