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In Light | In Shade


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A mashing together of genres that provides nothing too revolutionary, but some good songs.


60 / 100

What would happen if you were to mix a metal band with a post hardcore outfit? Something close to Hope In Hand one would guess. Hope In Hand are basically an amalgamation of past musical endeavours, which, judging by the end product, stretch across the competing muscial ranges.

The opening sequence, ‘Introduction’, sets the album up perfectly, with almost time-altering piano, ambient background chatter, a pretty typical post hardcore band-type of digital beat, and an inspiring radio broadcast sounding voiceover.

Following this though, the songs themselves are not so captivating. Hope In Hand do not offer a lot that is unexpected or distinctly original, and some songs at times still feel a bit as if they are still at demo quality. Fortunately, there are some better tracks placed in there.

The first single from the band’s debut, ‘An Endless Empire’, is certainly one of these better tracks, and it has provided a great deal of success for the group quite early on. For those who really admired and enjoyed ‘An Endless Empire’, there is a very good chance that you will enjoy the rest of ‘In Light | In Shade’.

A fair portion of the clean vocal parts on the full-length seem to channel A Day To Remember, but with a more metal sound overall. This is apparent straight away following ‘Introduction’ in the clean parts of ‘Brotherhood’.

Ender, as well as title track, ‘In Light In Shade’ is another song that shines, with the clever inclusion of Ray Vavie from The Sweet Apes to provide some vocals during contrasting softer moments. This seals ‘In Light | In Shade’ well, making it an album with a strong start as well as a strong finish, but unfortunately a mostly mediocre middle.


Hope In Hand, although made up of a diverse range of musicians, fail to vary enough to maintain interest throughout ‘In Light | In Shade’. That being said, there are some songs which are more than satisfactory and rise above the others. Those who already enjoy the band should also be satisfied with the album.


1. Introduction
2. Brotherhood
3. Steadfast
4. An Endless Empire (Ft. Benjamin Noble)
5. Setting Suns
6. Rasengan
7. Aurora
8. In The Company Of Wolves
9. In Light In Shade (Ft. Ray Vavie)

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  1. MikeyDarne

    This actually has to be one of the worst reviews of an album I have ever read. It seems quite obvious that there is a lack of attention to detail in this review. Did you not hear the clever combination of drums, riffs, breakdowns and melodies? Were we even listening to the same album? Can you even hear? Here’s a little something that might help you out for your next review.


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