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Heavy thrash with a real focus on instrumentals.


75 / 100

Revocation have made a name for themselves in the metal music scene with previous albums, exuding the classically loved elements of heavy and thrash metal. Their newest self titled album brings all this to the table, as the band have made tweaks and changes to their sound, but it still manages to shred your face off with some awesome guitar riffs and solos.

The Hive‘, with its 33 second introduction, creates an eerie atmosphere, which quickly accelerates into David Davidson’s hard and heavy guitar work. These solos and riffs continue right on through the 10 songs that comprise this album and make it a riff lovers heaven. Whilst the high speed thrash, something Revocation have always been known for, is evident, there is also some modern influences throughout the music that work to create a successful mash of genres.

The album is full speed and full on, tracks such as ‘Fracked‘ really show you just how hard and heavy the band went into making this album. The sounds are pounding, creating a really ‘in your face’ album, but that isn’t something to scare you off, as with any good album, a closer look will unfold all the styles and boldness of the album.

Invidious‘ shows the band’s use of different techniques as they incorporates the use of a banjo. Sounds weird for a metal album yet it isn’t the first time it has been used throughout heavy metal. This track also has some use of Davidson’s clean vocals, which are often met with distaste by metal fans probably because his cleans sound a little like some hardcore/pop punk hybrid. Regardless they fit in with the song.

Revocation‘ is a good mix of thrash and heavy metal. It’s heavy, assertive and sticks it to the man just like good old fashion metal was meant to. It’s different and if you’re favourite Revocation album is ‘Chaos of Forms‘ you might not like it so much, but it’s all in there with high riffs, heavy chugging guitar and drum work – a smorgasbord of metal.


While Revocation have chosen to mix up their style, their self titled album still has their classic thrash and heavy sounds. The album packs a punch and the intense riffs and hooks throughout the album should be one to please metal heads all around.


1. The Hive
2. Scattering the Flock
3. Arch Fiend
4. Numbing Agents
5. Fracked
6. The Gift You Gave
7. Invidious
8. Spastic
9. Entombed By Wealth
10. A Visitation

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