Sparrows – Cold Ground



Cold Ground


Broken Heart/Kat Kat




For Fans Of

Moneen - Finch


2003 all over again.


90 / 100

Canada’s Sparrows are offering up some throwback alternative rock of the days when bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars were driving kids wild. ‘Cold Ground,’ the group’s debut, takes an aggressive approach however, bringing the sound into the modern day with cleaner production and new energy.

The opening track ‘Coffin Fever’ finds a perfect balance between bands like Moneen and Finch, with vocalist Daniel Thomson leading the way with powerful screams and melodies. There is a sense of urgency, even desperation, in the fast paced guitar riffs and drum lines of ‘Belly Full of Hell’, which uses great dynamics (the soft drop off for a few seconds before the song resumes) to drive the rush of the track home.

Things simmer down for ‘Sights & Sounds’, a track driven by its percussion and experimental guitar tones, offering a siren like call in amongst glittery cymbal hits. This leads perfectly into the hard hitting riffs of ‘Sleepwalker’, which even manage to make the softer verses seem gritty.

The record ends with ‘Static Prevails’, a softer more experimental track that hints at a completely different side to the band, which channels the sparse and melodic moments of groups like These Arms Are Snakes. There is more than enough here to hint that Sparrows could be a great band. They have nailed the genre they are attempting for while also including enough subtle nods to experimentation to say they could surprise you at any point.

The record also benefits strongly from its production, which keeps things pretty clean, but adds to the impact of the songs and the blistering riffs they contain.


It has been awhile since a band has been able to make this dated alternative rock genre seem exciting again but Sparrows have nailed it here on their debut.


1. Coffin Fever
2. Belly Full of Hell
3. Apostasy
4. Sever Your Roots
5. Sights & Sounds
6. Sleepwalker
7. White Flag
8. Static Prevails

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