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Golden Record


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Emotional, often dark pop rock at its best.


89 / 100

The Dangerous Summer seem to have a knack for writing the type of songs that hit you right in the heart. On some level, both musically and lyrically, the Maryland quartet consistently pen tracks that can build you up, break you down, and resonate with the listener in ways that most musicians will ever hit anyone. ‘Golden Record‘ is an album that continues doing exactly that, but better than ever before.

The first thing that one will notice about the album is AJ Perdomo‘s vocal style having changed considerably from previous releases. There are moments when he is literally screaming the lyrics, reaching a level of passion and aggression that doesn’t get seen (or heard) often, or even at all in their style of music. When coupled with some beautiful lyricism, it reaches you in the most intense way possible. If you’re unsure what we mean, go and listen to the bridge and closing verse of ‘Sins,’ and be prepared to have some of the most extraordinary emotional reactions ever provoked by a pop rock band.

Golden Record‘ is the first album by the group to feature the work of Matt Kennedy and Ben Cato, on guitar and drums respectively. The beauty in Kennedy‘s work is found often in the background of the soundscape, such as in the delay driven lead guitar parts in ‘Catholic Girls,’ and ‘Sins,’ but plays more of a prominent role in other tracks, notably ‘Drowning‘ and ‘Into The Comfort.’ Cato brings some outstanding, imaginative drum beats to the table, shining through at various points on the record such as, ‘Honesty,’ ‘I’m So Pathetic,’ and ‘We Will Wait In The Fog.’

The regular edition of the album closes with ‘Anchor,’ one of the catchier (and arguably the catchiest) song on the record, driven by a ‘whoa-oa’ chant in the interludes of the song, but fans that buy the deluxe edition of the album will be treated to reworked versions of three songs (Sins, Catholic Girls, and Miles Apart), which feature ambient soundscapes created by synth, keys, and some light guitar parts underneath the vocals, again framing the absolutely stellar vocal performance that Perdomo gives on the record.


Make no mistake about it, The Dangerous Summer are one of the best bands going around in pop rock at the moment. ‘Golden Rule’ is not only an excellent addition to their already strong catalogue, but it’s the strongest, most cathartic addition to date. It showcases Perdomo’s best songwriting yet, and it paints the group in an incredible light. This is a record that The Dangerous Summer should be very proud to have released, and one that fans should be very excited to have in their hands.


  1. Catholic Girls
  2. Sins
  3. Drowning
  4. Knives
  5. Honesty
  6. We Will Wait In The Fog
  7. Miles Apart
  8. Into The Comfort
  9. I’m So Pathetic
  10. Anchor
  11. Sins (Revisited)
  12. Catholic girls (Revisited)
  13. Miles Apart (Revisited)
  14. Sins (Acoustic Demo)

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