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One From The Top Shelf


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All the rocks in one.


90 / 100

She’s The Band are somewhat of an Adelaide super-group made up of a selection of other bands including Hightime, Miss Golly Gosh and Star Ten Hash. As all of these listed are punk bands it makes sense that She’s The Band would be one as well, and while there are certainly strong punk influences rampant throughout debut ‘One From The Top Shelf,’ the highlight is the injection of post and progressive rock that cuts in every now and then.

Take for example the low toned drawl of opening track ‘All The While’ complete with a bitter poem questioning self worth that is a pretty full on way to start things off. This perhaps makes the lighter rock tones of next track, ‘Begin To Think’, either more or less effective. It’s hard to say as the mood changes of this record will keep you on your feet.

While the vocals are delivered with plenty of passion and angst, the music often outshines them based purely on the fact there is so much going on. This could be why the band opted for ‘Slick Rick’ to be a mainly instrumental track. One thing that sets this group’s sound apart from many others is the use of the piano, which is written into the songs in such a way that brings a serious yet classy tone, playing off the harsh guitars and thumping drums perfectly. ‘Did I Forget’ puts the piano in the forefront and makes some sort of punk/lounge jazz fusion that is theatrical and awesome, while the vocal line screams “I don’t remember breaking a fucking mirror.”

The record ends sooner than you would probably like by this point with the classic rock sounding ‘Free Riot’, driven by heavy swaying piano and guitar riffs making another album highlight before the slow bass introduction to final song, ‘Top Shelf’, opens up into a fast paced punk number channelling a little Bikini Kill. She’s The Band have seamlessly melded influences of punk, prog, jazz, and classic rock on their debut.


‘One From The Top Shelf’ is unlike anything else. The band have tapped into something quite unique, let’s hope they continue to push the boundaries even further.


1. All The While
2. Begin To Think
3. Undertone
4. Slick Rick
5. Did I Forget?
6. Stranded
7. Talk Shit
8. Free Riot
9. Top Shelf

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