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An Eye For An Eye


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30 / 100

Like Moths To Flames have apparently decided that any change to their already generic metalcore sound is unnecessary on album number two. ‘An Eye For An Eye’ offers up an extension of the band’s first record (2011’s ‘When We Don’t Exist’) featuring breakdowns, clean and dirty vocals and some touches of electronica for good measure.

If a change could be picked out of the paint-by-numbers metalcore rubble, you could say that there is a stronger focus on melody this time around. The band are trying for some anthems, and easing back on the in-your-face distortion despite the fast pace of the record. None of that applies to opening track ‘You’ll Burn’ however, which literally picks up where the last record finished, the bass heavy guitar riffs and double kick pedals back plenty of gang vocals and an attempted catchy chorus line.

‘A Feast For The Crows’ is where the melody influence kicks in, with a chorus that actually succeeds in being memorable matched by fairly spacious verses and a few quick paced punk breaks to keep the heart rate up. Things slow down slightly for ‘I Solemnly Swear’, which leads the anthemic march but almost starts to head down Linkin Park territory, which kind of worked for BMTH, but isn’t working here.

The album hits its heavy peak on ‘Serpent Herders’, which amplifies its wall of sound riffs and screams with softer atmospheric sections, using dynamics to its advantage with lyrics of despair and stuff. Shane Told of Silverstein pops in for the blistering ‘Into The Ground’ but it is not enough to separate the sound that remains unchanged from the previous tracks, the same guitar tones and blast beats on repeat begins to get tiring at this point.

Even Ahren Stringer of The Amity Affliction, who pops in for the cleans in ‘Lord Of Bones’, isn’t enough to breathe life into what is unveiled to be another forgettable metalcore release.


Most people probably wouldn’t notice if you switched ‘An Eye For An Eye’ with Like Moths To Flames debut. Generic metalcore at its best.


1. You’ll Burn
2. A Feast For The Crows
3. The Common Misconception
4. I Solemnly Swear
5. Deathmarks
6. In Dreams
7. Into The Ground
8. Serpent Herders
9. Nothing But Blood
10. Lord Of Bones
11. My Own Personal Hell

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