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die hard Basement fans


A cute EP for Basement fans looking for some light indie pop tunes.


70 / 100

When Andrew Fisher of cult British punk band, Basement announced his new project Honey Milk, it wasn’t difficult to hear the squeals of die-hard Basement fans the world around. It’s pretty easy to assume that Honey Milk was going to be a spin off of the kind of sound that Basement laid to rest. However, the content found in Fisher’s first EP release is delightfully disparate to the grungy post punk dance that Basement had perfected. Instead, Honey Milk’s folky pop tunes are as syrupy and sweet as its name suggests.

Honey Milk is an unexpected pleasure. It’s one of those miscellaneous records that you think you might only listen to once or twice, but instead you find yourself going back to it again and again.

In ‘Straighten Up’ the acoustic guitar is flowing and pretty, and Fisher’s vocals are cool and suave, and really exposed. The whole EP is stripped back and simplistic, but tracks like this one are quirky and quaint. Sometimes the lyrics feel like it’s just Fisher spilling his stream of consciousness onto the page. They are kind of random and sporadic, which could be endearing or irritating depending on what kind of mood you’re in.

‘Head In A Jar‘ has the same kind of melodic bounciness to it with a little bit of a country tinge. The cheery acoustics are cut through by the strength and clarity of the vocals, which are somewhat too rough to be called folky, but that could be attributed to Fisher’s punk experience. Here, the melody is slightly flat and dragging. For a second you can picture Fisher with his guitar playing these songs to a half empty room in a pub, making nothing sounds with his voice to accompany the acoustic guitar. You be the judge for whether or not that is a good thing.

The following song, ‘That Bridge‘, is one that you just can’t help but crone along to. It’s bitter, and depressing but still seems to hold onto the strange unspoken optimism in Honey Milk’s endearing sound. It’s definitely a favourite on the EP, and slightly imitative of Weezer. The next track, ‘Real’ holds up the high bar that its predecessor set. It’s a live track that is far too brief, but entirely nostalgic and intoxicating.


A neat EP fans of Basement will find intriguing. New musical endeavour, Honey Milk is worth a listen. Simple and honest, you’ll find enjoyment after repeated listens.


1. Straighten Up
2.  Head In A Jar
3. That Bridge
4. Real (live)
5. Maybe, I Guess

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